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The ‘Fallout 76’ Controversy Timeline – [Update: Jan. 2020]

The Never-Ending and Chronological Saga of Fallout 76.   In light of the recent Fallout 76 helmet situation, I think it’s about time someone made this list, so I decided ‘why not me’. Someone on Reddit did attempt making something like this before, but it is no longer being updated.   [May  2018] Announcement of Fallout 76.      Bethesda announces Fallout 76, but the rumours surrounding it being an…

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We All Got Played: ProJared Reveals The Truth Behind His Controversy.

Lied to and played like a f@#king fiddle from the beginning.   Three months after the drama, ProJared finally comes forward with information and hard evidence about everything that transpired, in his video “YOU’VE BEEN LIED TO“. And damn, I am so livid right now.   What you will find out is that what happened with Jared was nothing more than a meticulous plan by three deceitful people to utterly…

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Thank you, Rich. I Also Needed To Hear That.

ReviewTechUSA proves that he’s still one of the wisest YouTubers on the platform.   It’s really no secret to my friends that I’ve been going through some pretty bad stuff on social media during the last two months.   There was a controversy I was involved in where one of my supposed “friends” sent her friends to attack me after she gave me an ultimatum about my best friend.  …

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