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Thank you, Rich. I Also Needed To Hear That.

ReviewTechUSA proves that he’s still one of the wisest YouTubers on the platform.   It’s really no secret to my friends that I’ve been going through some pretty bad stuff on social media during the last two months.   There was a controversy I was involved in where one of my supposed “friends” sent her friends to attack me after she gave me an ultimatum about my best friend.  …

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Etika Is Gone And I Hate Internet Culture More.

“He’s just doing it for attention”, they said.   One of my favourite YouTubers, Etika, also known as Desmond Amofah, has now been confirmed dead following the discovery of his body after he went missing for several days. Even before he talked about it himself, there were numerous signs of him suffering from mental illness leading up to this, like when he threatened to kill himself and the police were…

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