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It Was All A Trap: From One Dysfunctional Home To The Next.

Be careful who you accept “help” from, especially if the person in question has a religious agenda.   At first, I didn’t think I could write this comfortably because it would be practically throwing the people who gave me a place to stay under the bus. But with the grotesque things that were condoned, not only to me but to another person under their roof, this isn’t a matter to…

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We All Got Played: ProJared Reveals The Truth Behind His Controversy.

Lied to and played like a f@#king fiddle from the beginning.   Three months after the drama, ProJared finally comes forward with information and hard evidence about everything that transpired, in his video “YOU’VE BEEN LIED TO“. And damn, I am so livid right now.   What you will find out is that what happened with Jared was nothing more than a meticulous plan by three deceitful people to utterly…

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