My Illustrations

Commission: Rainbow Railroad

My finished commission for Rainbow Railroad. Born in Barbados, I suffered a lot of discrimination there due to my LGBT identity. With the help of my friends and RainbowRailroad, they helped me moved to Canada in 2020. I started as a refugee and later became a protected person in June (right before my birthday too). I now live a happy life with my partner in Sudbury, Ontario. This illustration represents…

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My Journal

It Was All A Trap: From One Dysfunctional Home To The Next.

Be careful who you accept “help” from, especially if the person in question has a religious agenda.   At first, I didn’t think I could write this comfortably because it would be practically throwing the people who gave me a place to stay under the bus. But with the grotesque things that were condoned, not only to me but to another person under their roof, this isn’t a matter to…

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