A Day For Beth

A Day For Beth #20: “Escalator with Alys”.

Last week, I went on a date with the most amazing girl ever! I have never met someone who has so much in common with me, but different enough to make the relationship really interesting! All of my friends will tell you that I can’t shut up about her lol XD   Also I’ve been wanting to work on one panel comics lately since it gives me some free time…

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[Book Review] Nicolette Dane: “My Friend the Bride”, “The Sexy Librarian”, and “Crazy For a Geek Girl”.

~ 18+ Content Warning. Only adults beyond this point. ~ These are all small stories that are available for free via Kindle. My Friend the Bride. Good writing plagued by detestable characters. I’ll first start off by saying that this is the first time I’m reading any of Nicolette Dane’s works, since I only recently started reading lesbian romance books. She is definitely a talented writer from the way she writes her stories and she…

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My Illustrations

“Dress Shopping”, ft. Mommy Cloud.

“Wait, this isn’t A Day For Beth”. Yeah, I wanted to do something a little different. 😅 This is actually based on one of the custom audios ideas I discussed with Cloud XD. Maybe I’m just being too hard on myself, but does it look good? I’m hoping I got it just right since I haven’t really made this kind of comic before.

A Day For Beth

A Day For Beth #8: Digital Boyfriends

I probably shouldn’t be fueling my addiction (lol), but does anyone have any otome games or dating sims they want to recommend?   I finished making this comic at the last minute, and I’m not sure that it’s going to be as well received as the last one. But maybe that’s just because my self-esteem has been a little low because of real life stuff. I should feel happier soon.

My Journal

You’re a woman. A guy finds you attractive, dates you but then finds out you’re transgender. He doesn’t want to date you anymore. Is he being transphobic or not?

  Even as a trans person myself, I personally don’t think there’s a definite right answer to that question since I’m seeing both sides to it.   On one hand, a straight guy may like the fact that the person they’re dating has female genitalia. It’s understandable since that’s what a straight guy would be attracted to. However, if that guy no longer wants to date that person because they’re…

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