[Book Review] Nicolette Dane: “My Friend the Bride”, “The Sexy Librarian”, and “Crazy For a Geek Girl”.

~ 18+ Content Warning. Only adults beyond this point. ~

These are all small stories that are available for free via Kindle.

My Friend the Bride.

Good writing plagued by detestable characters.

I’ll first start off by saying that this is the first time I’m reading any of Nicolette Dane’s works, since I only recently started reading lesbian romance books.

She is definitely a talented writer from the way she writes her stories and she deeply describes character interaction. This of course leads to some very intimate scenes that makes you immerse with the protagonists of her books.


Molly and Emma are best friends. Molly is in love with Emma but she is getting married. After getting intimate with Molly, Emma wants to continue having sex with her without her husband knowing, knowing full well Molly has a major crush on her. She can’t be with Molly because of parents and religion.

Now I’m just going to say it right now: Molly is stupid and Emma is a manipulative sociopath.

I could understand why anyone reading this book wouldn’t like it because the characters are just so unlikeable.

In the case of Molly, I can relate to (and this is going to get personal) because I’ve also been in a situation just like hers: Having your friend use you for sexual pleasure, even though you’re in love with them, but they can’t be with you.

All of what Molly was feeling, I could really personally relate to it, and it was all thoroughly well written. It was pretty intense and it is the high of point of My Friend the Bride.

But what really grinds my gears is that at the end of the book, Molly just submits to Emma completely to her plan of using her to cheat on her husband. Molly doesn’t get a happy ending, but Emma over here gets to have her cake and eat it too.

The protagonist definitely doesn’t deserve to be treated that way by her own best friend and the fact that My Friend the Bride ends on such a note can be really upsetting to the reader. If the story continued just a little bit more with Molly refusing Emma’s advances, then I’m sure other readers could finish the story happily.

I definitely see Emma as the story’s antagonist, because it takes a certain level of awfulness to use your own best friend’s feelings of you to your own sexual advantage. The fact that the author feature them as the lesbian couple is quite annoying.

Remember that Emma has pretty much everything going for her. She gets the wedding of her dreams and doesn’t regret marrying her husband in the slightest because she is clearly bisexual.


I’ll reiterate that the sex scenes were indeed very nicely written and immersive, but it becomes a bit hard to enjoy them with the situation the protagonist of the story is in, as I don’t believe this would be anyone’s ideal lesbian fantasy. While others may criticise it for the type of story it is, I would actually argue that it made it that more interesting to read as it written pretty well.

My Rating: ★★ of five stars.

The Sexy Librarian.

This made me so giddy inside.

This won’t be as long as the other review, and it will be spoiler-free.

The Sexy Librarian is totally my favourite out of the three books here.

As you can guess from the title of the book, the protagonist, Amelia, meets a gorgeous librarian and falls for her. The librarian, Esme, also then shares mutual feelings for her.

Unlike with My Friend the Bride, Amelia and Esme are totally likeable characters.

It really just gets cuter and sexier from there, but it just doesn’t end at them being intimate (which was also nice). The story of their relationship develops very nicely through their mutual interest of books and ends up being the thing that bonds them even closer in this well written story.

It even gets humourous and you can’t help but let out a laugh and smile. It was a total joy to read.


If I’m being honest, I really don’t think there are any negatives in The Sexy Librarian. The only thing I can really note is that it may be a little short for some, but it is a short story, so that’s a big nitpick. If you’re looking for an erotic lesbian story that’s fun and cute, then this is definitely one you can check out.

My Rating: ★★★ of five stars.

Crazy For a Geek Girl.

A little cliche, but hard not to like.

Reading Crazy For a Geek Girl, I couldn’t help but feel like the characters were a tad bit stereotypical. Annette (Netty) is a gorgeous high-class girl with a high salary job, but Henrietta (Henry) is a geek girl in the IT department. Annette gets lovestruck about Henry and their relationship together develops.


Drama ensues when Annette’s relationship for Henrietta could have negative consequences to her job position. It doesn’t help that because her friends are of a different social class compared to Henry, she doesn’t get any positivity encouragement and Annette has to consider ending their relationship.

I found that to be really intriguing and that’s where my investment in the story really kicked off.

For this book in particular, I wasn’t really interested in the intimate scenes between Netty and Henry. I was actually more intrigued in how their different lifestyles clashed socially, so it made the sex scenes feel like they overstayed their welcome.

But while the tensation of Annette and Henry’s forbidden love makes the story more engaging, I would say that the true high point of the book is where it concludes with Annette taking charge of her life and blossoms as her relationship with Henry changes her life for the better.

Honestly, that last part made me really happy. I love seeing that kind of character development in a protagonist as it really makes me as the reader feel more connected to them. You can tell just how much Annette loves Henry and the story delivers an ending that is just so relatable and real.


While it did take a little time to get really invested in the story, I did enjoy Crazy For a Geek Girl. I would really like to see another story like this, but with less emphasis on their sexual relationship and more so on their growth as people and as a blossoming, romantic couple.

My Rating: ★★ of five stars.

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