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Humble Choice: Why I Can’t Support Humble Bundle Anymore.

The result of IGN’s 2017 acquisition starts to show.   Yesterday, Humble Bundle announced that they’re converting their Humble Monthly subscription programme to Humble Choice.   Humble Monthly traditionally worked like a loot crate. It gave you a bunch of mystery games for a reoccurring subscription fee but showcasing and giving you at least one major game to play right away for that month. The rest of the games would…

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Filip Miucin Deserves A Second Chance, Although I Remain Skeptical.

Better late than never?   Filip Miucin was one of the biggest gaming controversies of 2018. He wrote a review of the game Dead Cells for IGN to which it would be later discovered that he plagiarised his review from Boomstick Gaming, a youtube content creator.     After this, he would be unsurprisingly fired from IGN. However, it didn’t end there.   The gaming community would then later find…

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