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Humble Choice: Why I Can’t Support Humble Bundle Anymore.

The result of IGN’s 2017 acquisition starts to show.   Yesterday, Humble Bundle announced that they’re converting their Humble Monthly subscription programme to Humble Choice.   Humble Monthly traditionally worked like a loot crate. It gave you a bunch of mystery games for a reoccurring subscription fee but showcasing and giving you at least one major game to play right away for that month. The rest of the games would…

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French Court Pressures Valve To Allow The Resale Of Digital Games, But It Could Hurt Indie Devs.

The consumer benefits, but will it be worth it?   Last week, the news broke that the High Court of Paris ruled that Valve has to allow European customers to freely resell the digital games they bought on the Steam store, a benefit that is usually exclusive to physical media. The ruling is a result of the European Union Law for digital goods stipulating that they can be resold without…

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Evernote Knows It Can Get Away With Being Anti-Consumer.


Truly a shadow of its former self.    Oh, Evernote.   When I first used you back in 2014, you were one of the best things to ever happen to me. You changed the way I took notes forever and made me far more organised than any other app I used. Really, you were in a league of your own.   But now, your main purpose is to squeeze money…

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