My Journal

Changes Going Forward, More Art To Come.

My last art post, not including this one or the one I made for my recent journal entry, was on the 16th of August. That means it’s been 64 days or about 2 months since I last posted any substantial artwork.   After dealing with the fallout of the family I was staying with, I’ve been thinking about how I need to focus on my art again. Not just for…

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My Illustrations

My “Rizmette” Drawing – Art Trade with Miko.

After ten million years I have finally finished my piece for the art trade with Rizmette (Miko Sobierajski) lol. Miko finished her piece back in March, making it almost two months since she did her part of the trade.   For the art trade, we tasked ourselves with drawing each other’s OCs. She drew Emilia from my book, T.E.R.F War, and I drew her character “Rizmette“.     I started…

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T.E.R.F War

T.E.R.F War: Cover Banner

No doubt about it, I REALLY love how this came out! (。♥‿♥。) It captures the book I’m writing perfectly! More content coming later today.   It’s much better than how this one turned out, but then again I was still experimenting with OpenCanvas.