My Journal

How I Escaped My Abusive And Manipulative Parents.

An End To Years of Abuse.   At the time of writing this, it has been over two weeks since I left the home of my abusive family. I’m in a more loving family now where I’m away from the people that brought me continuous suffering and misery that affected my mental health.   Before this all started, I wasn’t much for talking about my personal life. I liked to…

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T.E.R.F War

T.E.R.F War: Chapter 12 – “Only The Beginning”.

T.E.R.F War Chapter 12: “Only The Beginning”.   “Hey, Emilia, you can wake up now.”, Sasha called.   I was laying on the warm, hard ground where that girl, Rachel, had dropped me. I slowly opened my eyes to see Sasha standing over me. She was smiling and held out her hand to help lift me up from the ground.   “Oh, you may not want to look behind you.”,…

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T.E.R.F War

T.E.R.F War: Chapter 6 – “Demi-Humans”.

T.E.R.F War Chapter 6: “Demi-Humans”.   “Light energy?”, I asked Chante.   We were driving along the highway, vehicles passing by every few minutes. Chante and Sasha were trying to help me make sense of Sasha and the Electric Girl’s superpowers. There wasn’t much exciting happening at the moment so I asked Chante about them and she started telling me it’s all possible with channelling something called ‘Light Energy‘.  

A Day For Beth

A Day For Beth #19: Hugboxing.

  I bet you all haven’t seen one of these in a while. I’m sorry, I know I haven’t been consistent with content releases. I probably would have more followers by now if I did, but I love you all so much for being patient with me! 😭  

My Illustrations, T.E.R.F War

T.E.R.F War: Chapter 4 – “G.A.T”

T.E.R.F War: Chapter 4 – “G.A.T”   I let out a huge gasp as my eyes flew wide open. I could feel my heart racing. The first thing I saw as I open my eyes was a girl standing over me with her hands directly on my stomach. Remembering it now, it was where I was critically injured. Where I got stuck with that electric bolt from that crazed girl…

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T.E.R.F War

T.E.R.F War: Cover Banner

No doubt about it, I REALLY love how this came out! (。♥‿♥。) It captures the book I’m writing perfectly! More content coming later today.   It’s much better than how this one turned out, but then again I was still experimenting with OpenCanvas.