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To Truscum And Tucute: Please Stop With This War Against Each Other.

Disclaimer/Warning: This article requires an open mind and level headed maturity. If you are sensitive to this topic, I must ask you to not proceed. Strong language is shown. All names of my friends have been changed to keep confidentiality.   I really believe this needs to be said. At the time of writing this, I was recently involved in a huge debacle of friends fighting over what having and…

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[Book Review] Nicolette Dane: “My Friend the Bride”, “The Sexy Librarian”, and “Crazy For a Geek Girl”.

~ 18+ Content Warning. Only adults beyond this point. ~ These are all small stories that are available for free via Kindle. My Friend the Bride. Good writing plagued by detestable characters. I’ll first start off by saying that this is the first time I’m reading any of Nicolette Dane’s works, since I only recently started reading lesbian romance books. She is definitely a talented writer from the way she writes her stories and she…

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