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Capcom Is Charging A Ludicrous $25 USD For Devil May Cry On Switch.

Switch owners continue to be preyed on by corporate greed.   Oh, wow. They really went and charge more than $15 USD for that single release of Devil May Cry for the Nintendo Switch.   “Right now Devil May Cry HD Collection sells for around $30 USD. We can assume that Capcom is most definitely not charging anything below $10 for Devil May Cry [Switch Version], perhaps they may even…

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♀FemGamer: Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition

As you may already know, Devil May Cry 5 was just recently announced at E3, and quite frankly, I almost lost it. Do you know how badly I loved Devil May Cry 4 as a teen? I swear when I played it was the absolute best thing in the world and nothing could compare to its greatness. The hack and slash gameplay that has you fighting demon enemies is just…

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