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Capcom Is Charging A Ludicrous $25 USD For Devil May Cry On Switch.

Switch owners continue to be preyed on by corporate greed.


Oh, wow. They really went and charge more than $15 USD for that single release of Devil May Cry for the Nintendo Switch.


“Right now Devil May Cry HD Collection sells for around $30 USD. We can assume that Capcom is most definitely not charging anything below $10 for Devil May Cry [Switch Version], perhaps they may even reach for $15.”

Devil May Cry for the Nintendo Switch Reveals Capcom’s Greed.


I have to admit, Capcom, I underestimated just how much you’ll nickel and dime Switch owners. This is sheer madness.


$25USD. Not even $20. Jesus Christ. That’s almost the same price as the full Devil May Cry HD Collection on other consoles that have all three games.


You can confirm this by going to the North American Nintendo eShop page for Devil May Cry Switch. Unfortunately, the page doesn’t fully load, so perhaps this could be an error? But the price is there, so I’m not sure there is much to even change on the page.



Some other information you’ll probably want to know is that the game is going to be 9.2GB in size and releasing on June 24th, four days from now.


Wait, 9.2GB for a remaster of a remaster of a PS2 game? That seems a bit much, doesn’t it? I would have expected about half that size.


Update [20/06/2019-12:36AM EST]:

It’s loading properly now. [eShop link]

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