T.E.R.F War

Emilia (TERF War),by Rizmette

Rizmette (Miko Sobierajski) and I are currently doing an art trade where we draw each other’s OCs <3. I’ll be drawing her’s next week, but she has already done her part by drawing Emilia from TERF War. 🥰🥰🥰 Her talent is so next level! 😭👌 <3

My Illustrations

Max and Kate – Life is Strange [Fanart]

So I finished colouring it. I’ve been so hard on myself trying to get it “perfect”, but I’ll let you be the judge.  Did I do the lineart justice? Also I so want to make fan manga of these two. 😍I’ll post the full HD images on my patreon as usual. #lifeisstrange#maxxkate#maxcaulfield#katemarsh Here’s an exclusive alternate version (also available on my patreon):

My Illustrations

Ellie (Sakura Yume) – Fanart

I tried drawing Ellie from Sakura Yume. I still need to work a bit more on my colouring but it’s still adorbs X3 The original artist does a MUCH better job of capturing Ellie’s true cuteness.! Also if you haven’t read the comic, go and read it now! It’s the cutest thing ever about a trans-girl! 😭😭😍 Buy the comics: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SakuraYumeComics