T.E.R.F War

T.E.R.F War: Chapter 6 – “Demi-Humans”.

T.E.R.F War Chapter 6: “Demi-Humans”.   “Light energy?”, I asked Chante.   We were driving along the highway, vehicles passing by every few minutes. Chante and Sasha were trying to help me make sense of Sasha and the Electric Girl’s superpowers. There wasn’t much exciting happening at the moment so I asked Chante about them and she started telling me it’s all possible with channelling something called ‘Light Energy‘.  

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A Day For Beth #19: Hugboxing.

  I bet you all haven’t seen one of these in a while. I’m sorry, I know I haven’t been consistent with content releases. I probably would have more followers by now if I did, but I love you all so much for being patient with me! 😭  

T.E.R.F War

Emilia (TERF War),by Rizmette

Rizmette (Miko Sobierajski) and I are currently doing an art trade where we draw each other’s OCs <3. I’ll be drawing her’s next week, but she has already done her part by drawing Emilia from TERF War. 🥰🥰🥰 Her talent is so next level! 😭👌 <3