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ProJared’s Sexual Allegations Are Greatly Upsetting As A Fan.

ProJared’s recent allegations really feel like a betrayal to his fans.   I was in the kitchen making some buns when I decided to scroll through my phone. Little did I know the article I would find in my Facebook newsfeed:   “YouTuber ProJared Accused Of Sexually Soliciting Fans“ ~Kotaku.    As you may have expected, I was pretty overtaken with disbelief and had to read the details of the…

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My Illustrations

My “Rizmette” Drawing – Art Trade with Miko.

After ten million years I have finally finished my piece for the art trade with Rizmette (Miko Sobierajski) lol. Miko finished her piece back in March, making it almost two months since she did her part of the trade.   For the art trade, we tasked ourselves with drawing each other’s OCs. She drew Emilia from my book, T.E.R.F War, and I drew her character “Rizmette“.     I started…

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