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Nintendo Murdered The Competition At This Year’s E3.

The luckiest ones at E3 were Switch owners.   Not going to lie, I went into E3 thinking Nintendo wouldn’t have much to show. After my disappointment with the Wii U, I’ve learned to always approach these Directs with cautious scepticism And it’s not like Nintendo has been making good decisions lately either, so them winning E3 was far from the realm of possibility in my mind. But oh wow,…

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[Review] Resident Evil 6: One of the best.

Wait! Before you leave an angry comment, hear me out! I know the general consensus on whether Resident Evil 6 is a good resident evil game is rather mixed, but through its flaws, it is a really good game. I understand it’s not for everyone, especially those who want something more like an authentic survival-horror game, but it’s still a greatly satisfying experience for someone who wants to play a…

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