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Hori’s Official Mario Kart Racing Wheel Is The Stuff Of Dreams.

Imagine using it to play Mario Kart Tour.   Hori, known for their game accessories and peripherals, is making officially licensed Mario Kart racing wheels for the Nintendo Switch. There will be two different versions, one looking a bit more on the ‘casual and kiddy’ side, while the other one looks more geared towards hardcore racing sim fans.     Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but this comes after the…

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[Review] GRID Autosport

Good enough, but Codemasters continues to disappoint. I had already made a review for GRID Autosport on my Steam profile, but aftering spending time revisiting this game, it’s warranted that I re-review the game. My original “very negative” perception of GRID Autosport has changed to that of one more favourable, but it is still not the great experience that it should be. I will be quoting my original review as I…

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