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A Day For Beth #24 – “Life Continues To F@%k Me”.

You know the real kicker? This happened when I had to unsubscribe from Google One Drive to cut costs, which would have kept a backup of the file. (Sorries for the bit of dark humour this week ^^”).


Apologies for the absence. I had to do some “soul searching” of my own.


✿ Special thanks to Sophie Stormwind and ScarX_X for being my first patron and Jessa Hurty, Mike and someone for buying me my first coffees on Ko-Fi! ✿
✿ Special thanks to Nat Roberts, Stephanie Elise, and Deanna & Maddison for contributing to my Paypal in my time of desperate need! ✿
Love you all so much! o(TヘTo) *big kisses and hugs* ♥♥
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I am an artist and writer from Barbados (residing in Canada) who's using her talents to create entertaining and informative content. I'm terrible at proofreading my work, so I apologize for any errors you find. o(TヘTo) You may contact me at for any inquiries.
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