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LGBTQ+ Indie and Small Businesses Index

LGBTQ+ Indie and Small Businesses Index


Credit: Infographic Vector created by pikisuperstar –
Edited version by me (Bethania Arts)


Tip: If you’re looking for something specific, try searching for the word via CTRL+F on your computer.














  • Andrew’s Art – [He/Him][Gay]





  • Jaime Mosquera – [They/Them][Non-Binary]


  • Judithan – [He/Him][Trans]






  • Little Corvus – [They/Them][Non-Binary/Queer]


  • MarsupialPudding – [They/Them][Queer]




  • PineApple God – [He/Him][Queer]
    • Desc.: Artist, Illustration,
    • Contact: Twitter



  • Rory-Roy’s Fantasmical Whimsical Artwork – [He/Him][Trans/Pan]




  • Tali Ramirez Lopez – [They/Them][Non-Binary/Les]



  • Txgen Meyer – [She/Her][Trans]


  • Velvet Spade – [They/Them][Gender Fluid]
    • Desc.: Varied – Artist, Burlesque, Leatherwork, Modelling, Nudes, Painting, Performing Arts, Poetry, Sewing, Upholstery,
    • Contact: FacebookInstagram


  • Wikked Creations – [She/Her][Trans]
    • Desc.: Abstract Artist
    • Contact: Facebook




Clothing & Apparel




  • Brianna Marie – [She/Her][Queer]
    • Desc.: Varied – Merchandise, Painter, Tattoo artist
    • Contact: Website / Twitter


  • Bubble Head Pop – [They/Them][Queer]
    • Desc.: Varied – Accessories
    • Contact: Storenvy


  • ByOperaHippy – [She/Her][Queer]
    • Desc.: Hats, Homemade Apparel
    • Contact: Etsy


  • Donut Deity – [They/Them][Non-Binary][Queer]
    • Desc.: Cute and Kawaii Clothing/Apparel/Merchandise, etc
    • Contact: Store / RedBubble



  • Hannah Diaz Art – [She/Her][Queer]


  • Julia Reck – [She/Her][Bi]



  • NerdyKeppie – [They/Them][Queer]
    • Desc.: Varied: Accessories, Clothing/apparel, etc
    • Contact: Website / Facebook


  • OneBizarreKai – [They/Them][Queer]


  • Pride Pins – [They/Them][Queer]


  • Proud Adventures – [She/Her][Les/Couple]



  • Queerest Gear – [They/Them][Queer]
    • Desc.: Accessories, Clothing.
    • Contact: Website / Etsy





  • Taylor Made – [They/Them][Non-Binary/Queer]










  • ArtAJFoy – [They/Them][Queer]
    • Desc.: Postcards, Prints
    • Contact: Etsy


  • Aster Foley – [They/Them][Non-Binary]


  •  Baubles & Blessings – [She/Her][Non-Binary][Queer]


  •  Bound In Chain – [She/Her][Pan]
    • Desc.: Accessories, Chain Mail, Jewelry,
    • Contact: Store


  • Catalicious Creations – [They/Them][Queer]





  • JoviMomoLuv Art – [She/Her][Queer]


  • Kitsu’s Creations – [She/Her][Bi]


  • Misty Figs – [She/Her][Queer]


  • Myra Ladiosa – [They/Them][Non-Binary/Pan]
    • Desc.: Accessories, Jewelry and Gift Design.
    • Contact: Etsy/Store


  • Neurotic Sphynx – [They/Them][Non-Binary/Bi]
    • Desc.: Merchandise, Mugs, Pins, etc
    • Contact: Store / Twitter


  • Rainbow Goth Designs – [She/Her][Queer]
    • Desc.: Decor, Embroidery, etc
    • Contact: Store


  • Spacehoe Art – [They/Them][Non-Binary]


  • ShitNatnigans – [He/Him][Trans/Queer]


  • Sigils of Baphomet – [They/Them][Queer]


  • Spun Squid Hoops – [She/Her][Queer]


  • Velvet Spade – [They/Them][Gender Fluid]
    • Desc.: Artist, Burlesque, Leatherwork, Modelling, Nudes, Painting, Performing Arts, Poetry, Sewing, Upholstery,
    • Contact: Facebook / Instagram





Game Development & Design




  • Birdlegs – [She/Her][Trans/Les]

  • Team Hive Mind Productions – [She/They][Queer]





Health & Beauty



  • Goddess Alchemy Beauty Products – [She/They][Trans]
    • Desc.: Bath Bombs and Skin Care Products.
    • Contact: Facebook




Mature (Adult Services)





  • Velvet Spade – [They/Them][Gender Fluid]
    • Desc.: Varied – Artist, Burlesque, Leatherwork, Modelling, Nudes, Painting, Performing Arts, Poetry, Sewing, Upholstery,
    • Contact: FacebookInstagram








  • Pabloland – [She/He/They][Bigender/Non-Binary]


  • Velvet Spade – [They/Them][Gender Fluid]
    • Desc.: Varied – Artist, Burlesque, Leatherwork, Modelling, Nudes, Painting, Performing Arts, Poetry, Sewing, Upholstery,
    • Contact: Facebook / Instagram




Photography & Video



  • Baby Pomegranate Productions – [They/Them][Queer][Team]


  • Exodus Arias – [They/Them][Queer]






Voice Acting



  • The Kitsune Network – [She/Her][Trans/Bi]


  • Mommy Cloud Audios – [She/Her][Demisexual]






  • Bri the Bearded Spoonie Babe – [She/Her][Non-Binary][Queer]









Inspiration for the index.


“Be the change you want to see in the world.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi


I’ve decided to make this list after being inspired by a tweet I saw via the Sapphics for Satan facebook page:



Everyone was suggesting that there should be a list that had small queer businesses so persons can easily find them, so I asked myself “Why don’t I make it myself?”. That’s how the final idea came to me to make it into a helpful resource for others to use.


I started out with adding the persons that were promoting their businesses in the comments of the posts. From there, the list grew as I asked around and got suggestions. I’m hoping the list gets popular enough that people will use it as a reliable resource for supporting the businesses of LGBT individuals. I believe it’s very important for our community to support each other instead of feeling like we need to compete with one another.


The index still has a few kinks to work out, but I will be updating it as regularly as possible. (◕‿◕✿) If you’re someone who isn’t keen on having your gender or sexuality publicly on the index, then I can simply put “[They/Them][Queer]” as placeholders.


Please leave a comment or message me at if…

  • You would like to be added to the list.
  • I have misinformation on the list.
  • You would like to be removed from the list.
  • You’re on the list but one or more of your contact information has changed.



“What makes this list so special? Isn’t this available elsewhere?”


The point of the list is to differentiate between persons who are actual LGBT/Queer business individuals and those who just simply make LGBT content (allies) in general.


I would prefer it if the money went toward persons in our community, rather than persons who aren’t. This way you can directly help to support their lively hood. So yes, to clarify, this list isn’t for general makers of LGBT content.


You can find LGBT content creators anywhere by just checking the “LGBT” category on popular websites (Comixology and Amazon, for example). Actual queer artists also get lost in those categories when they’re mixed in with people who just make LGBT content/items.


Also, fellow community members can feel satisfied knowing their money will go toward persons like themselves.


“Are the pronouns/gender/sexuality necessary?”


Yes, please.


For pronouns, the reason is simple to normalise individuals stating them.


The next reason is that not everyone makes stuff related to their sexuality or gender. For example, queer artists may love drawing fan art of their favourite characters that have nothing to do with their gender or sexuality. I don’t want persons to feel like they’re obligated to make LGBT stuff just because they happen to also be, and with gender or sexuality listed, a person knows they’re supporting a person of the community who may not be as open about it as others (It also avoids the drama of people being on the list but not actually being queer in some way).


Something important I’ll like to also mention is that the information you see there is for persons who are comfortable with having that information publicly available. It’s not a requirement by any means, but it is preferred. This way followers can feel more relatable to the person behind the craft :3



Index Author:

Bethania Arts – [She/Her][Trans][Les] – Artist, Comics, Illustration, Writer

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