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Bethania Arts’ Commission List


Commissioning me helps make sure I’m properly fed :3




Item: Art Commissions

Price: $3.00 (Minimum) – $25.00 USD (Maximum)


This is for character illustration in my regular drawing style. Examples here.


Sketches – Digital or Traditional media:
  • Headshot – $3.00 USD 
  • Half body – $6.00 USD 
  • Fullbody – $9.00 USD 

ETA: 1 – 3 Days

  • Headshot – $8.00 USD 
  • Half body – $12.00 USD 
  • Full body – $15.00 USD 

ETA: 2 – 5 Days

  • Headshot – $8.00 USD 
  • Half body – $17.00 USD 
  • Full body – $25.00 USD 

ETA: 3 – 10 Days.


For prices of custom designs or drawings in a cartoon/chibi or MLP style, message me at so I can accommodate your request.

All commission pieces are shared on my public profiles. If you prefer a private commission, then just let me know.

Pay via: Paypal


Current Commission Slots:


  1. Emily – Shirt Design
  2. Amber – Business Logo





Item: Writing Commissions

Price: $??? per 250 words.

Description: N/A. Currently a work-in-progress.

Pay via: Paypal


Current Commission Slots:

  1. EQUALS Barbados





Item: High-Resolution Downloads

Price: $1.50 USD per image.

Description: Request any High-quality/Full-size Images & Wallpaper of any of my art (no watermarks included).

ETA: 1-3 Days.

Pay via: Paypal


Item: Name in T.E.R.F War

Price: $5.00 USD

Description: Name a future character in T.E.R.F War as the story progresses.

ETA: When a new character is introduced into the story.

Pay via: Paypal


Item: Your Character in T.E.R.F War

Price: $15.00 USD

Description: Add your own personal character in the official T.E.R.F War continuity as the story progresses. You can choose their name, powers, personalities, etc. In a way, I guess you can say this is like a fan project collab? Haha.

ETA: When it is possible to introduce a new character into the story without unintentionally disrupting plot consistency.

Pay via: Paypal


Item: Character Letter (T.E.R.F War)

Price: $5.00 USD

Description: Would you like to get a letter from Emilia, the protagonist of T.E.R.F War? You can request a letter written by any of T.E.R.F War characters so it’s like talking to them from their own world. Ask them any question you would like and they’ll write back to you!

*For plot consistency and minimum spoilers, you should ask them questions based only on what the characters know from story’s latest chapters.

ETA: 1-3 Days.

Pay via: Paypal


Item: Photo Sets

Price: [RESERVED] 

Description: [RESERVED] 


Pay via: Paypal



When making your payment, make sure you state what you’re buying in the ‘add note’ section of Paypal checkout. Message me at or one of my social media profiles so I can discuss the details of your order.


My 30 Day Guarantee Policy: 

If you’ve paid me for a commission and I have yet to complete your order within 30 days, then I will offer you a refund on your purchase. Alternatively, you can opt for something else on this list of equal or lower value (I’ll refund the different if possible).

I’ve heard of artists being paid for commissions, and when they end up failing to deliver the order, they don’t refund them and just ignore them. Sometimes it’s understandably artists suffering from personal issues, but other times it’s just artists taking advantage of their clients and I don’t want to do the same to any of my loving fans.



Prefer supporting me monthly?

Patron Rewards include:

  • Name credited in future posts on my website.
  • Access to my prior HD Download files posts and being able to request any high-resolution image of mine to download per dollar you pledge.
  • Request particular doodles or sketches for me to draw (commissions get priority).
  • Being part of a future AMA (Ask Me Anything) where I answer questions on my website/blog.


I have a Ko-Fi profile if you wish to tip there instead.

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