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A Day For Beth #8: Digital Boyfriends

I probably shouldn’t be fueling my addiction (lol), but does anyone have any otome games or dating sims they want to recommend?   I finished making this comic at the last minute, and I’m not sure that it’s going to be as well received as the last one. But maybe that’s just because my self-esteem has been a little low because of real life stuff. I should feel happier soon.

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A Day For Beth #7: Boob holders.

I’ve been itching to make this one for quite a while lol. It was inspired by a meme I made that got a ton of shares and likes on a transgender meme page, so why not recreate it and make it even better XD      

My Comics

A Day For Beth #5: The Psychiatrist

There’s a reason why I don’t like cis-gender doctors to be dealing with transgender patients. They’re very insensitive and don’t care about you.   I swear this is the last depressing comic I’m going to make for a while lol Next week is going to be pure positivity. Also I realised the hair styles were a little different in the first and last panel, but when I got around to…

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