My Journal

Just here, in bed.

Sorry for the lack of updates.

For the last week I haven’t been feeling too well, so I’ve been in a bit of a slum. My psychiatrist appointments have gone very well and she is thankfully more focused on my health (unlike my last psychiatrist 🙄) But I forgot to tell her last week I’ve been having nightmares lately and I don’t know why 😥

If you’re friends with me on Steam, you’ve probably noticed I’ve been spending a lot of time gaming. It has helped me been able to enjoy a lot of games I haven’t played yet and ones I forgot about, so that’s great. And yes, I’ve been a bit obsessed with Life is Strange recently. 😆 Can’t wait to write a review on it!

I’m starting to feel better so that’s good. I haven’t gotten much drawn. I finished TERF Chapter 5, but still need to do the illustrations. I also think it’ll be healthy for me to not overdo myself and take an art break every once in a while to recharge. 

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I am an artist and writer from Barbados (residing in Canada) who's using her talents to create entertaining and informative content. I'm terrible at proofreading my work, so I apologize for any errors you find. o(TヘTo) You may contact me at for any inquiries.
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