T.E.R.F War: Chapter 27 – “Not Backing The F**k Down”.

T.E.R.F War: Chapter 27 – “Not Backing The F**k Down”.

T.E.R.F War

Chapter 27: “Not Backing The F**k Down”.


“And then it just broke apart. After that Liriah was able to get into her body”, I told everyone in the mission room.


As I was saying, Liriah was able to return to her body after I broke Athena’s dark energy seal. She woke up without a hitch and was able to talk on her own with what happened. Skye looked so happy to see Liriah alive and well, you would think they were family.


From what Liriah said, she and Skye were in this reconnaissance team with their leader, Dmitri Saere. Dmitri is apparently a high-level demi-human like April, so he was along to lead the mission just in case there was the possibility that they could capture a T.U.R.F member at their base of operations, and subsequently obtain any crucial information regarding Athena’s plans.


However, it all went awry when Liriah wanted to get closer to the base, despite Skye’s objections. Liriah insisted her abilities were strong enough in the event of being caught. It seemed reasonable enough, but her plan didn’t factor in a high-level demi-human like Charlotte finding her. Charlotte was so powerful that she had no problem warding off Liriah’s psychic attacks. In turn, Liriah was taken hostage and Dmitri led a group attack on the T.U.R.F base. At first, it seemed like an even fight, but when Athena joined in, it was an absolute massacre. Charlotte was apparently nowhere to be found after capturing Liriah, but they could only imagine how bad it would be if she was also in the attack.


Skye and Liriah were the only ones to make it out alive due to Dmitri’s last-ditch effort to hold Athena back. Right now, whether Dmitri was alive or not was unknown, but chances are that he was indeed dead.


Upon hearing the news, everyone in the room succumbed to their own emotional pain, although April was as unphased as before. I started to wonder if she just didn’t care, or if she just went through the feeling of loss so much that it doesn’t bother her anymore. Nonetheless, I sympathized with the loss of the G.A.T team members. I only now know what it’s like the lose someone dear to you, especially when that wound is still so fresh.


Returning back to the present, after that emotional ordeal, my eyes returned to normal. At first, I assumed that my demi-human powers let me see into the astral dimension, but with me shattering Athena’s dark spell, there was definitely more going on. Chante was also convinced that this was just a piece of the power I had. Sasha was being cute as ever as if I had just unlocked the secrets to the universe. It was good at clearly the morbid air of the situation.


“So, this ‘dark energy’ is Athena’s power?”, Nash asked. Micah was quiet as she was distraught with the news of her fellow teammates haven fallen in combat. Naomi was trying to cheer her up, though it was almost heartbreaking to watch.


“We don’t know for sure. All this time we assumed she used light energy like the rest of us. However, while it would seem obvious that ‘dark energy’ would exist in contrast to light energy, there hasn’t been proof of its existence…that is, until now. This just makes Athena’s powers even more ominous and mysterious”, April said.


“Not even you know, Chante?”, Nash directed her question.


“It’s hard to say. Athena rarely fights, but when she does, the fight is over before it even begins. I’ve seen her done stuff from levitating to mind control to ripping people’s beating hearts out with her bare hands. As far as any of us is aware, she can do anything she wants if she’s committed enough. I don’t think she’s unstoppable, but shit, she’s close.”


“Wow. And Lumiere is going to do what? Make her omnipotent?”, Nash said.


“A god with the soul of the devil. That’s why it’s ever important to keep Emilia safe.”, Chante said.


“Does anyone else want me to point out the bigger situation here?”, Nash said, “Emilia is now the target of the most homicidal bitch on the planet. Don’t tell me you all don’t think Athena isn’t going to come here, kill us all and run away with her prize.”


Wow, I don’t think Nash could have made that sound anymore pessimistic and dark. The room went silent with the seriousness of Nash’s words. They were right, I was endangering everyone by just being here.


“That’s not going to happen”, April spoke intensely, “If that bitch wants a war, we’re going to fucking give it to her.”


“Are any of us even strong enough though?”, Sasha asked with great concern. She was with us since Liriah and Skye were being taken care of by her mother, “We’re pretty much down to the only people in this room in terms of offence and defence. And Athena wiped out a whole team on her own.”


“T.U.R.F is strong, but they’re on our level once Athena is out of the equation. Whatever happens, I’ll be the one to fight Athena head-on. I won’t let her get to any of you without a fight. I promise you that.”, April gripped the hilt of her katana. She clearly had a strong resolve to keep her promise.


“Like hell you are!”, Nash objected, then they smiled, “That bitch is mine. It’s been forever since you let me have some fun.”


“Your ‘fun’ is the reason why I keep you on a tight leash, Nash.”


They shrugged, “What? I can’t help it if the smell of terf blood turns me on.”


April shut her eyes and pressed her temple in annoyance. When Micah said Nash was crazy, she wasn’t kidding. I’m sensing major sociopathic vibes.


“Nash’s craziness aside”, Sasha spoke up, “What about Charlotte? She’s not Athena’s right hand for nothing.”


“I’ll be her opponent”, Chante said, “I’m one of the only people here who can give her a fight.”


“It’s decided then”, April took a deep breath, “Here’s the plan: We’re going to be ready for Athena. All of us. Chante, you’re going to be training Emilia in combat. And Avery…”


“I’m here, Director”, Avery popped up on the monitor screen.


“I want information on everything we can find on dark energy. If Athena has a weakness, I want it found. The rest of you will also be prepping for a fight with any of T.U.R.F’s members. There’s a database you can access through your devices. Make sure in every circumstance you walk away with a victory and your lives. Understood?”


“Yes, Director April!”, everyone proclaimed in unison, even Micah got motivated by April’s speech.


To Be Continued…


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