T.E.R.F War

T.E.R.F War: Chapter 26 – “Liriah And Skye”.

T.E.R.F War

Chapter 26: “Liriah And Skye”.


“Liriah was hurt really bad, but for now she’s unconscious.”, Dr. Price said with worry in her voice. She stood over the girl, Liriah, monitoring her vitals, “Skye will recover quickly due to his demi-human ability, but even though Liriah is demi-human as well, it’s going to take more time for her. I don’t even know when she will awake or what they did to her, but it’s not looking good. Both of them were essentially minutes away from death. If Sasha wasn’t here, I’m not sure they would have survived.”


Since Sasha was up on her feet again, she was able to use her demi-human powers to heal Liriah and Skye’s horrendous wounds. By the time April, Chante and I got to the infirmary, Sasha had healed them up both a great deal that they looked unrecognizable from the near-death persons we saw in the camera footage of the base.


Liriah and Skye were now in separate beds. Skye was awake and upright on his bed looking absolutely distraught, but Liriah was still not waking up. Micah wanted to come in to check on them but she didn’t want to expose Naomi to what happened to the two G.A.T members. Nash didn’t seem to care at all though.


“Skye, where is everyone else?”, Chante asked him seriously, looking as though she didn’t want to answer such a grim question.


“I…I…”, Skye had a hard time speaking, gritting his teeth.


April had closed her eyes and took a deep breath. It seems she knew what Skye was trying to say.


“Are they dead?”, April spoke calmly like she was used to this.


“I’m sorry!”, Skye exclaimed. He started to cry, “We failed! Dmitri, he…he stayed back to protect us against Athena.”


Skye held his head in remorse, tears flowing down his face. Chante bit her lip angrily, while Sasha seemed to be trying to hold back her emotions. I don’t know how but April kept composed during the whole situation. I felt sad as well, but I didn’t know much of the persons involved in this incident to grasped how important everyone was to each other.


Stop blaming yourself!


What the? Did someone say something? I looked around the room to see if anyone else was in the room. It sounded like a girl, but no, there wasn’t anyone else besides the five of us. Probably just my imagination. With the stress of everything, I’m probably just hearing things.


“Is something wrong, Emilia?”, Sasha asked. Her face was sad, yet I can tell there was concern in her expression targeted toward me. I couldn’t explain it but it made me happy to know she cared.


“I’m fine”, I said trying to put on my best ‘I’m fine!’ face.


If anyone is to blame, you know damn well it’s me!


There it is again! I look around the room looking for the source of that voice.


At that moment my eyes started to burn badly and I rubbed my eyes with the back of my hand to ease the discomfort. Then I felt two soft hands touch my face, followed by a relaxing sensation. I know this sensation. Sasha.


“You don’t seem fine, silly”, Sasha made this adorable pouting expression, despite the sad look on her face just moments ago. However, I didn’t get to enjoy it for long because her face went into one of astonishment, “Emilia, your eyes. They’re…”


My…eyes? Is she complimenting my eyes? The timing of it felt strange given the situation, but still, I wanted to admire the compliment.


“T-thanks”, I stuttered a bit, my face starting to turn a shade of red, “Your eyes are pretty too.”


I was too late in noticing that Sasha hadn’t finished what she was saying. Her face flushed at my compliment, and she started to avoid making eye contacting, but keeping her hands to my face.


“That’s not…what I was going to say”, she said softly with embarrassment written on her face.


“Oh…”, was all I managed to say. Oh god, this feels really awkward now.


Everyone else started gathering around us to see what the fuss was about, diverting attention away from Skye. However, all this did was make the situation more awkward for both of us.


“Your eyes. The pupils are shaped like hearts”, Chante looking at me, “Well, besides the fact that your face is really red now.”


Oh gosh, this is really embarrassing. I became dumbfounded by the first thing Chante said though. Did she just say my eyes have hearts in them?


“Is this…”, Sasha said regaining a more serious composure, “Is this your demi-human power activating? I can feel the light energy diverting throughout your body.”


This is Emilia Blake? She’s the new recruit? Why is she flirting with Sasha?


“I wasn’t flir-!!”, I shouted but quickly stopped what I was saying. Oh my freaking god, that was way too close. But now Sasha was looking really worried as she hurriedly took her hands away from my face.


“I’m sorry! Did I hurt you?!”


“No, no, it’s just that…”, At that moment, I found the source of the voice as my eyes directed itself to a girl by the bed of Liriah…wait, no, that can’t be right. The girl who is next to Liriah looks exactly like Liriah. She was looking at me curiously, and with that, I looked back at her.


“You can…see me?”, the Liriah look-alike asked looking in my direction.


“Yes, I can see you,” I replied to her. Everyone else looked at me strangely.


“Um, are you talking to me?”, Sasha asked in confusion.


“No, I’m talking to the girl besides Liriah’s bed”, I told Sasha.


“Emilia! They can’t see me! I’m in the astral dimension!”, the Liriah look-alike said, “I’m Liriah! My soul is outside of my body!”


Okay, this just got crazy…wait, crazier than everything that has occurred so far? Probably not.


“It’s Liriah.”, I told everyone, “She says she’s in the astral dimension.”


Everyone looked surprised, including Skye himself.


“Emilia, you can see Liriah’s astral form?”, April asked.


“Apparently so?”, I said even doubting what I was saying.


“Liriah is a psychic demi-human”, Chante said, “She has the power of astral projection and mind-control.”


“That’s right”, Liriah confirmed in her astral body.


“If that’s true, why won’t you go back into your body?”, I asked her.


“I can’t. Athena did something to my body.”


I went over to Liriah’s body, where her astral form was standing. I saw something on her chest, it was a levitating black circle, almost like an insignia that was fuming some kind of weird, dark energy.


“Is that it?”, I asked her.


“Yeah”, Liriah confirmed, “It’s some kind of seal she created with her demi-human powers. I can’t get back into my body because of it.”


Just what were Athena’s powers? I wasn’t sure. They were like this mystery to everyone else. Regardless, it didn’t stop me from putting my hand toward the seal on Liriah’s physical body. The seal lashed back at me with some kind of defensive mechanism. However, while I did flinch, I didn’t feel any damage inflicted on me, like it couldn’t hurt me. This was all still new to me, but I tried focusing on diverting energy toward my hand and next thing I knew, the seal broke and shattered to pieces.


“Oh my god, you…you just destroyed Athena’s seal.”, Liriah said completely bewildered.


To Be Continued…


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