T.E.R.F War

T.E.R.F War: Chapter 25 – “Assassin For Hire”.

T.E.R.F War

Chapter 25: “Assassin For Hire”.


“Please! I’ll give you anything you want!”, a woman begged as she desperately tried to crawl away from the masked individual that ambushed her.


The masked person had a black dagger in their hand, walking toward their target, uncaring for how they pleaded for their life. Without saying a single word, the woman let out one final scream as the black dagger was thrown with enough force to penetrate her throat. She tried to cover her throat to stop the bleeding, but it was too late. She bled out in the dark alley, the life in her eyes withering away in seconds.


The masked person withdrew the blooded daggered from their victim. As they did so, their senses alerted them to something just behind them.


The familiar aura of light energy gave away knew who it was.


“What are you doing here, Charlotte?”, the masked individual asked her.


“Lady Athena requires your services, Alice”, Charlotte replied.


Alice made a swift turn and shot the blood-soaked dagger at Charolette. Charlotte caught the dagger with merely two fingers before it could strike her face. But in an instant, Alice held a second blade to Charlotte’s throat.


“The only services I have to offer to Athena are the ones that end with me severing that little princess head of hers.”, Alice spoke from behind her mask.


“It doesn’t matter what you want, you will accept the offer she sets before you”, Charlotte calmy insisted.


Alice laughed at Charlotte’s insistence.


“Or what? She’ll kill my family? News flash: Anyone I’ve ever cared about is already dead. Try again.”


Charlotte moved her right hand.


“You want to lose that hand of yours, Char?”, Alice threatened her.


“Relax”, Charlotte replied as she retrieved a photograph from her coat to show Alice.


Alice kept her dagger steady but took the photo from Charolette. She’s astonished at what she sees through her mask and lowers her blade from Charolette’s throat.


“This is-?!”, Alice exclaimed, almost shocked.


“Are you interested now?”, Charlotte teases.


Alice walked in front of Charolette, almost ready to curse her.


“What does Athena want?”, Alice asks her with resentment.


Charlotte smiles, “We’re forming a strike team of sorts. We need to teach our G.A.T’s friends a little lesson. If you’re able to launch an attack and rough them up for us, that prize is all yours.”


Alice contemplates the decision for a few seconds.


“Fine. When do you want this done?”


“How soon can you prepare?”, Charlotte asked.


To Be Continued…


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