T.E.R.F War

T.E.R.F War: Chapter 22 – “Welcome To G.A.T”.

T.E.R.F War

Chapter 22: “Welcome To G.A.T”.


“I assume you’re caught up on all the relevant demi-human information?”, April asked.


Dr. Price continued to monitor Sasha to make sure she was fine. I guess she wanted to be sure Sasha had properly recovered.


“Umm,” I faintly replied sitting on the infirmary bed.


I recapped the information Chante and Sasha had presented me when we escaped the electric girl. She’s an elemental type demi-human, obviously with the power of electricity. Chante said she was transported somewhere secret where they keep dangerous demi-humans, essentially a prison for supervillains.


With that, April explained to me the two main demi-human classifications, or types, that are understood by the world governments: Conjurers and Enhancers. Conjurers can pretty much create things out of thin air with light energy. They’re especially strong because the only limiter in place for them is how much light energy they can use at once without straining their body. April used the electric girl that came after me as an example. Apparently her name is Dana Henderson.


Enhancers can either use light energy to strengthen their bodies in a variety of ways, as well as output that energy to other things. Chante said Sasha wasn’t exactly a healer, meaning Sasha is an enhancer demi-human that uses her light pulses to enhance/heal others. But then she can also use that power to output it as dangerous stuff like viruses.


Of course, it doesn’t stop there as there are also sub-types for demi-humans who may not fit the definition of a conjurer or enhancer fully, or even fit both of them simultaneously. Those types are either Elementalists, Psychics, Weapon Specialists and Fusers.


Not only do Elementalists control an element as the name implies, but while their enhancer abilities may be limited depending on the mastery of the user, they have both conjurer and enhancers abilities. Psychics don’t fall into either conjurer or enhancer category, furthermore, the scope of telepathic demi-humans is still largely unknown. All that’s known is they may either possess telekinesis, which is moving objects with their minds, or they can read or manipulate human minds.


Weapon specialist demi-humans are pretty interesting because they can be either conjurers or enhancers. An enhancer weapon specialist can use physical weapons enhanced by their own light energy and conjurer weapon specialists can conjure weapons into existence with their light energy. Theoretically, it should be possible for a weapon specialist to have both a conjurer and enhancer abilities, but as far as everyone knows, there doesn’t exist a demi-human that can handle channelling that amount of light energy in their system.


And lastly, Fusers, Chante’s demi-human type. They’re bound to certain elements or materials, and because of that, they’re the hardest to kill out of all the demi-humans. Chante’s black blades are literally part of her and coarse through her entire body. Demi-humans have increased healing but the healing capabilities of Fusers make their healing factors comparable to that of Deadpool (yes, I’m a Marvel comics nerd). You can practically slice Chante limb from limb and she’ll grow them back later and probably be more pissed than ever than she initially was. That’s a highly scary thought. Thankfully, Fusers are pretty rare. The same goes for Psychics.


I guess Sasha was right to give Chante as much credit as she did.


After April explained the demi-human types, I then told her about light energy and how I was told it works. Just imagine the force from Star Wars where you ‘draw’ from it and that’s how demi-humans output their powers. As far as I know, without light energy present, demi-humans are just, well, humans.


The reason why demi-humans have been able to fly under the radar for so long is because of how rare it is for someone to be one. Not to mention the weird female-to-male ratio of demi-humans. All of this makes the demi-human matter sensitive and the governments of the world would have liked to keep it from reaching the public ears and eyes, however, this is no longer the case as the incident with T.U.R.F caught the world’s attention, as April has told us.


Demi-humans are no longer a myth the government can hide. April’s superiors don’t even know how to move forward. Either they can brand us as a threat to humanity due to the dangers of their powers, or herald us as some kind of superheroes that they can use for their own political purposes.


But since T.U.R.F is the face of demi-humans now, demi-humans look like terrorists looking to put the world in turmoil. It gets worse because Athena and T.U.R.F are planning something sinister. Talk about a double hit.


Chante and April seemed impressed with how much information I was able to recall. Chante gave me a quiet thumbs up. I guess being my father’s daughter has its merits. I tried not to think of my father’s situation too much, but it wasn’t easy to do. There’s just too much going on.


I looked at April. She herself is of caucasian descent and had a very serious nature about her. Looking at her felt like the atmosphere around her was heavy, as if the world was holding her down. The sheathed katana along her side only helped to make her feel all the more intimidating. I didn’t think inanimate objects could give off hostility, yet it radiated from that blade attached to her like it had a mind of its own full of built-up aggression.


“I’m glad to see that you’re able to come to terms with the reality of the situation faster than I expected.”, April complimented, “Are you also aware that you’re…”


“That I’m a demi-human?”, I looked at my hands for a few seconds, “It’s what Chante told me, but I don’t feel any different.”


April thought to herself a bit and then looked at me directly.


“You may not be aware of this, but after Rachel decided to blow everything up to shit, the blast that engulfed everything suddenly disappeared without a trace. It left a massive crater, but it’s almost like Rachel’s explosion got erased from existence at that moment. When MI5 and G.A.T investigated the site, we found you, Emilia, unconscious in the centre of the crater alongside Chante and Sasha. Ava and Rachel on the other hand, it’s like they just got blinked out of existence. No traces of their light energy signatures anywhere, despite the damage they did. Surely enough, Chante and Sasha’s energy signatures were fine, and of course…yours.”, April walked closer to me, “It doesn’t matter if you feel anything or not. There’s no explanation for what happened there besides you being there and doing something you didn’t even know you could do. You are indeed a demi-human.”


I didn’t even know how to respond to anything she just said. The close proximity of her didn’t make it any easier to accept what she just told me. The atmosphere got intense as I felt everyone in the room staring at me as if I was some sort of alien.


April started to walk back to give me breathing room.


“As I said, we need your help. Not just me, but probably everyone who lives on this planet. Of course, we will help you in rescuing your father to our fullest abilities”, April spoke, “So I ask you again, Emilia Blake, will you join G.A.T and help us fight against T.U.R.F?”


I thought about it for a little, but there really wasn’t much to say no to. Whether or not I’m a demi-human, the leader of G.A.T is willing to help me save my father, as well as kicking the asses of the people who did this. That was more than enough for me.


“Yes”, I nodded, “As long as I can save my father from T.U.R.F, then I’ll become a member of G.A.T.”


“I’m glad to hear that”, April smiled, “Welcome to G.A.T, Emilia Blake.”


To Be Continued…


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