T.E.R.F War

T.E.R.F War: Chapter 20 – “Dr. Price”.

T.E.R.F War

Chapter 20: “Dr. Price”.


“Her vitals have stabilised.”


Huh, I can hear a voice.


“Not just hers, but Sasha’s as well. Whatever you did, Chante, it worked.”


Sasha. Chante. They’re here? Wait, where even is here?


I opened my eyes and standing over me was Chante and an unfamiliar face of a woman with an electronic tablet in her left arm. The lady wore a similar lab coat to what my Dad would wear to work. She seemed slightly older than him though, possibly in her forties. Upon closer inspection on my right, I could see Chante holding my hand.


“Glad to see you’ve rejoined us in the land of the living, Emilia”, Chante smiled. “This is Dr. Price. Don’t worry, you’re safe. You’re in the infirmary of G.A.T HQ. Can you move?”. Chante indicated to Dr. Price who was holding her tablet and studying whatever was on it.


I was a tad bit on the weak side but I was able to move my limbs without trouble. I shook my legs and arms slowly to demonstrate that they were indeed working as they should.


“I’m not sure how, but it’s like you’ve made an instantaneous recovery”, Dr. Price breathed in relief, “How are you feeling?”


I wasn’t even sure how to answer that. If what happened back there with Athena wasn’t a dream, then I’m far from okay. But even if I told the doctor the truth, I’ll probably just sound crazy, right? I guess I’ll just tell her I’m fine and get some answers.


“I’m…fine.”, I spoke unsure of my own words.


“Are you sure? You sound unsure of your own words.”, Dr. Price said as if she could read my thoughts. She looked down into her tablet device as if it was some kind of lie detector that would expose if what I was saying was true.


“Yes, I’m sure.”, I replied.


“Okay. Please feel free to prop yourself up if you can.”, Dr. Price insisted.


Chante released her hand to allow me to move more freely. I did what the doctor asked. Looking downward I was clothed in white garments. My usual plain and casual attire was completely replaced. I continued to push myself up with my arms from the rather soft bed below me and move my legs towards the side edge of the bed.


I was now able to get a better view of my surroundings. The infirmary wasn’t all that big, judging from the little over half of dozen white beds that were placed throughout the room. Of course, the usual stuff you would find in a doctor’s office was present, from medical bottles to medical equipment, although it looked more advanced than anything I’ve seen in a regular doctor’s office.


However, of all the things I saw there, my eyes laid upon a familiar person lying in the bed next to me. Even though the patient was unconscious, she had Dr. Price’s full attention now that I seemed better.


“Sasha!”, I said with excitement mixed in with concern.


“She’s recovering well.”, Chante said


The expression on Dr. Price’s face seemed hopeful, yet worried at the same time. I don’t even think she heard me shout Sasha’s name. Perhaps she’s too focused on monitoring Sasha’s condition to be distracted from my short outburst.


Price. That’s not the first time I’ve heard that name, but where have I heard it from?


“Chante”, I asked concerningly, “Is everything alright?”


“For now it is. Sasha will be fine, you and Lumiere made sure of that. We were taken here to the infirmary after they found us in the area where Rachel’s explosion took place. Dr. Price takes care of both human and demi-human combatants here as she also specialises in demi-humans like your father.”


“But more so”, Chante continued, “Dr. Price is Sasha’s mother.”


To Be Continued…


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