T.E.R.F War

T.E.R.F War: Part I Recap.

T.E.R.F War

Part I Recap.


Emilia Blake’s life is turned on its head when her father is missing and is attacked by Dana Henderson, a girl who possesses electric-based superpowers.


Before she meets the finale of a grim end, Emilia is saved by Chante Orion and Sasha Price who reveal themselves to be members of G.A.T, Girls Against Terfs. G.A.T is a group made up of individuals who are known as ‘demi-humans’, humans with special superpower abilities gifted to them through genetics. G.A.T’s goal is to stop Athena and her demi-human group known as T.U.R.F, Terrific United Real Females, whose goal is to murder trans people and erase them from existence.


On the way to being taken to G.A.T HQ, Emilia learns about demi-humans from Chante and Sasha. However not too long after, they’re ambushed by members of TURF: Ava and Rachel.


Chante tried taking on Ava who can morph her body into a hardened Hulk-like physical state. Chante then fights Ava with her black blade demi-human power. Ava manages to incapacitate Chante as Rachel detonates a bomb that appears to take out Emilia and Sasha.


It appears the enemies have won, but it was far from the case. Chante’s healing factor allowed her to come back from the brink of death and to cut through Ava’s diamond-hard body. As Chante attains her victory, Sasha also succeeds by creating a virus that paralyzes Rachel, thus leading the G.A.T members’ victory and Emilia’s safety.


However, after Rachel accepted her fate, she denoted her body, seemingly killing everything in the vicinity of the blast. The explosion was felt throughout all of Europe.


As the first arc ends, Chante meets a mysterious lady in the afterlife, who she soon recognises.


The saga continues with “T.E.R.F War: Chapter 15” which releases on February 18th, 2020.


Don’t forget to read it if you haven’t.


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