T.E.R.F War: Chapter 15 – “Hive of Evil Minds”.

T.E.R.F War: Chapter 15 – “Hive of Evil Minds”.

T.E.R.F War

Chapter 15: “Hive of Evil Minds”.


“This is CTN news and my name is Chris Sinclair! If you’re living here in the UK or anywhere else in Europe, you may have been one of the many persons who felt the force of the 4.2 magnitude quake caused by an enormous explosion outside of Clifton, Worcester at 5:11 pm today. However, while eyewitnesses in Clifton saw what could be decided as a dome-like explosion, the incredible sight disappeared as fast as it appeared! We will now turn to Jessica Heart for more information on this matter.”


“Good night, Chris! It’s extremely hard to believe. Many of us felt the magnitude of the shock, but the very thing that caused it disappeared right before everyone’s eyes! Unfortunately, local authorities are not commenting on the issue and the area where the explosion took place is under tight locked down. It’s almost frightening how intense the security around the area is, leading many to believe that there may be something far ominous at play here. Many are speculating an act of terrorism, but the very mysterious circumstances of what took place here are proving hard to justify that theory.”


“But while they are many theories on what could possibly be going on here, we do have a reoccurring theme with both our inside and anonymous sources online. They keep mentioning a particular word: Demi-Human. Individual persons will tell you different things about what these ‘demi-human’ people are.”


“Demi-humans are said to possess extremely dangerous powers, so dangerous that the governments all over the world don’t want us to know about it. I know what you’re thinking: All of this sounds like something out of a  comic book fantasy. Some sources are saying that they are the byproduct of US secret government experimentation, others say they are aliens here to eliminate all life on earth. Some say that they are vigilantes saving us in our daily lives, but others say that they are a super race of humans here to wipe the world clean and start over again. They could be people living in our daily lives and we don’t even know it.”


“It is truly grim to think about if this is indeed true, but for now, these are just rumours and speculation.”


“This is Jessica Heart, reporting from Clifton, Worcester.”



The television was turned off as the news reporter ended her sentence.


“I guess Rachel and Ava died in their attempt to retrieve the kid”, said one girl of the three persons present at the large meeting table. She looked at her other seated peers in the room, while ignoring the empty chairs that should have been occupied by other individuals if not for losing them against G.A.T.


“But Rachel killed everyone else in the process, including that kid that Lady Athena needed for attaining Lumiere.”, spoke another.


One girl at the table had a fearsome-looking rifle disassembled on the table. She was expertly analysing every individual part of it as she ignored the conversation of the other girls in the room.


Small bursts of laughter started coming from across the barely lit room.


The girls who spoke looked toward the one who was seated in a black throne, while the other quiet girl stayed preoccupied with her gun disassemble. Strands of the girl’s crimson hair hung over her sinister face. Her head was propped up by her arm as if she didn’t have a care in the world.


“Don’t worry”, the crimson girl poke confidently, “The boy is alive, as well as the other G.A.T nuisances…but the same can’t be said for Rachel and Ava though.”


The girl with crimson hair’s voice rung with authority. Nothing else had to be said, as no one in the room doubted her word, nor dare to question her.


“Tsk. I’m not surprised Rachel f**ked this up somehow, but Ava…she was considerably strong. One of our strongest even”, said the one who spoke second. “Chante’s powers have grown far beyond what we initially thought. It’s almost frightening.”


“Ha, getting cold feet, Lora?”, the first girl who spoke teased her comrade.


“F**k you, Nicole! You couldn’t get on Chante’s level even if you f**king tried.”, Lora countered.


“You want to see who’s the strongest of the two of us, telepathic bitch?”, Nicole rose from her seat fiercely, “Bet you I can snap your neck faster than you can even get into my head.”


Suddenly the doors at the side of the room opened with a blam. A girl walked into the room with a frightening aura accompanying her. Not far from her, she was dragging something behind her by hand. Upon closer inspection, it wasn’t a something, but a someone.


“Our sisters have fallen and you two see it fit to fight each other?”, She voiced her annoyance approaching the space between her leader’s throne and the table of T.U.R.F members who took an interest in the body she brought with her.


“Well well well, look who’s back”, Nicole didn’t hide her sarcasm, “Who’s your friend, Charolette?”


“That’s Commander Charolette”, Charolette spoke with intimidating authority, almost demon-like.


However, Charolette didn’t intimidate Nicole and she was going to prove it. In a half-second, she quickly sped right in front of Charolette, showing off her lightning-fast agility. No one else besides Athena and Charolette noticed her moving in an instance.


“I don’t answer to you”, Nicole was now directly face-to-face with her commander, making sure she delivered her message with intimidation, “I only answer to-“. Before she could finish her sentence, Charolette had her hand around Nicole’s throat. Squeezing away her source of oxygen, Charolette looked Nicole in the eyes as she slowly raised her body from the ground with a single hand.


“What’s that?”, Charolette asked rhetorically, “I can’t hear you. I think my hand is on your throat.”


Nicole was trying to kick Charolette while also trying to pry her throat free from Charolette’s insanely strong grip. But it was futile. Everyone in the room looked as Charolette demonstrated why Athena ensigned her the rank of Commander and the title of being her second in command.


When it comes to moving at the speed of sound, Nicole may be the best in T.U.R.F, if not all demi-humans, but when it comes to true brute force, Charolette made Ava’s physical feats look like a complete embarrassment.


Nicole was regretting her decision to intimidate her commander as she felt her life slowly drain into darkness and her eyes water from the agony.


“Come on, Charolette dear.” Athena playfully called, “Enough playing with little Nicole. Don’t you have something for me?”


“My apologies, Lady Athena”, Charolette released her hold on Nicole, making her fall to the ground with a thud and cough sickly. Marks along her neck were clearly visible and bruised from Charolette’s tight hold.


Charolette proceeded to walk around Nicole while dragging the body of the person with her.


“Our location is comprised. G.A.T had a spy nearby, hidden around the entrance to our hideout.”, Charolette lifted the unconscious girl and laid her in front of Athena. “This is Leon O’Neil, known as Liarah O’Neil within G.A.T”.


“Oh! One of G.A.T’s fake girls!”, Athena replied enthusiastically, “Was there any trouble subduing them?”


“No. In fact, they were rather weak. Too weak if this was something like a surprise attack. I’m guessing this one was sent on a recon mission. Judging from the headache I felt once they realised I find them, I think they’re a psychic demi-human.”


Suddenly, Lora began to twitch as her telepathic senses alerted her.


“Charolette, he wasn’t alone”, Lora said tapping into her telepathic frequency and could sense more people nearby.


Everyone in the room looked at her to see what she was going to say next, relying on her telepathic accuracy to make a plan.


“I’m counting seven other people. Five of them are demi-humans and two of them aren’t. Eight demi-humans if you include the spy. One of them is radiating a massive amount of light energy, maybe a commander like you, Charolette. They’re all approaching rapidly. Their brains are showing high levels of stress and anxiety. Looks like they’re willing to fight us if they have to.”


“Then let’s not disappoint them”, Athena said wickedly. “What do you say, Amanda?”


The girl at the table who was fiddling with the parts of her menacing rifle already had the weapon assembled and ready to use.


“I’m ready to serve, Lady Athena.”, she spoke fiercely.


“Excellent!”, Athena clapped her hands in excitement, “Oh, and Charolette dear, I have a little task for you to do for me.”


Within a split second, Athena lept from her throne and floated next to Charolette who was already used to her quirky levitation abilities.


Athena whispered in her left ear the details of her mission. Charolette wouldn’t be staying to fight the new enemies that were coming their way and would instead do something of greater importance to Athena.


“It will be done.”, Charolette confirmed she understood the mission she was given.


“Now, the rest of you,” Athena said turning her attention to her devoted super-powered followers. “Let’s go and have some fun with our new friends.”


The future for the G.A.T members coming to save their friend was now unclear, as Athena was about to demonstrate her hidden prowess.


To Be Continued…


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