T.E.R.F War: Chapter 13 – “Rachel’s Last Words”.

T.E.R.F War: Chapter 13 – “Rachel’s Last Words”.


T.E.R.F War

Chapter 13: “Rachel’s Last Words”.


Rachel stood immobilised on the ground, unable to do anything about Sasha’s virus ravishing her body.


Lady Athena, I am sorry. I have failed in my mission.


Rachel thought to herself, accepting the fact that she and her partner, Ava, had lost the battle against their enemies. Her vision had almost now completely faded.


I’m starting to remember how we first met. Not too long after my fourteenth birthday and my breakup with Michael, I soon discovered I was demi-human.


I learned from someone that Michael was cheating on me with someone else. I was already angry enough as it was, but it would only be later when I found out that he cheated on me with someone who wasn’t even a real girl.


It would be an understatement to say I was overtaken with anger.


How? How was it even possible that I could lose to trash like that?


It was then that my demi-human powers manifested. I conjured explosive red balls into my hand, filled with my immense hatred. It surprised me at first when it happened, but somehow it felt like I knew what was going happening on my own.


My parents weren’t home one day, and I made the reckless choice of testing my powers on my own in the house.


Me being a clumsy idiot that I am, one of my bombs went off by accident. It exploded in front of me and everything caught fire. I got severe burns as a result and my home was completely destroyed.


I couldn’t even tell my parents the real reason behind what happened, although they were more thankful that I was alive above all. Even now, everyone still thinks the cause of the explosion was a gas leak.


Apparently, one of the perks of being demi-human was increased durability and healing as my burn wounds healed within days, amazing everyone with my impossibly fast recovery. The doctors were surely completely baffled.


Luckily as well, the insurance my parents received was enough to get us into another home soon after.


But even if things were looking up a bit, I couldn’t shake the overwhelming guilt and shame I felt. My powers were a threat to the people around me and I shouldn’t be near them. 


I decided to plan an escape to run far away, but just as I was about to do so, you approached me. You were absolutely gorgeous with your crimson hair.


You knew everything that happened. Not just about Michael, but you also knew about my powers. You explained to me what demi-humans were. You enlightened me and told me none of it was my fault.


However, there was someone that was indeed responsible for my misfortune.


It was that girl’s fault…that “thing” that stole Michael away from me.


It only made me angrier but then you told me something that would change my life forever. You told me my demi-human powers were made to take people out of this world just like the “girl” who took Michael away from me. A “cleansing” you called it, to reclaim our power as women.


That is the mission of T.U.R.F, a group of girls just like me, and there was no doubt in your mind that I would go on to achieve more than most ever could.


You told me to get some rest, and you’ll prepare everything for me. I didn’t think much about you said, but it would only be later that I would find out what you meant.


I woke up and you were there to greet me by my bedside….and you bought a guest.


You stood next to a girl that was tied up with black rope, bound to a wooden chair. On closer inspection, I knew who it was: The girl that Michael cheated on me with.


You informed me that this girl was my first mission as a member of T.U.R.F and that I was free to unleash everything that was inside me onto this person. You only had one rule: Make them suffer as I did.


I tried bargaining with you that my parents were most definitely not too far away, however you reassured me that your demi-human powers wouldn’t even let a single sound escape my room. That was the first time you mentioned your powers to me. You smiled at me and then gave me a black bladed knife to carry out my mission.


I hesitated at first but seeing that girl filled me with all the hatred and anger I needed to fulfil the task you put before me.


After hours of screaming and crying, she eventually died from the torture we put her through. There was so much blood everywhere. I was beginning to think I did something gravely wrong, but Lady Athena reminded me that this was only the beginning of something greater.


How long ago was that? Three years ago, if I’m right.


Ever since I left on this journey with you, I’ve met others who support our cause to neutralise the trans threat invading our spaces everywhere as women.


You’ve taught me so much about my powers, Lady Athena. You cared for me like no other. And to that, I would do anything for you…


…even at the cost of my life.


But, what does this girl Chante have to do with you?


You asked me to deliver that message to her whether we succeed or fail.


Is she a threat to your plan? Or perhaps…


Rachel paused her stream of thoughts but then started to smile a bit.


I don’t know the connection between you and that Chante girl, but what I do know is that if any of these people she is with is a threat to your utopia, then I must do what needs to be done to ensure they don’t interfere with your ultimate plan.


Rachel started to laugh to herself, catching the attention of her enemies. She baited them in a final attempt to hopefully turn the tide of the war that had already begun. A war that was far from over.


Lady Athena. I won’t be able to make it back, but perhaps my last act of devotion to you can give you the edge in this war.


Having delivered the message Athena asked of her, Rachel triggered her unique demi-human gene in her body to activate its deadly self-destruct ability, catching her enemies by surprise.


In a second, a blast equivalent to that of a miniature supernova erupted from Rachel’s body, consuming everything in its wake.


The destructive force at least encompassed a few miles radius.


The shockwave of the blast was felt through the entire United Kingdom and its neighbouring countries.


However, as soon as the super explosion appeared, it instantly disappeared without a trace.


Lady Athena…


…I love you.


To Be Continued…

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