T.E.R.F War: Chapter 12 – “Only The Beginning”.

T.E.R.F War: Chapter 12 – “Only The Beginning”.

T.E.R.F War

Chapter 12: “Only The Beginning”.


“Hey, Emilia, you can wake up now.”, Sasha called.


I was laying on the warm, hard ground where that girl, Rachel, had dropped me. I slowly opened my eyes to see Sasha standing over me. She was smiling and held out her hand to help lift me up from the ground.


“Oh, you may not want to look behind you.”, Sasha warned, “There’s a bit of a severed body there.” She faked a laugh, trying to not make the atmosphere morbid.


Wait, did Sasha say…severed body?


I remembered hearing something like blades slicing through something rather thick with a big slash. Did Chante really kill that girl? That couldn’t be possible, right?


From what I last saw of her fight with Ava, she looked quite outmatched. Not to mention the big difference in physique with Ava’s hulk-like body.


I was tempted to turn my head to confirm my aching suspicions, but Sasha placed her hands on both sides of my face to stop me from doing so. She made sure that we were directly looking at each other.


“Trust me. The last thing you’ll want to do is get nightmares because you saw something you can’t unsee.”, Sasha got a little serious with a pout, and then her hands started to glow.


A feeling of euphoria washed over me as I noticed the glowing in her hands getting brighter.


As I looked into her eyes, I remembered what happened as the bomb appeared and was about to go off.


Before the bomb exploded, Sasha had jumped onto me to save me from the explosion. She held me pretty close and then the next thing that happened was the bomb exploding.


It was a very loud and bright bang. We were engulfed by it and felt the intense heat from the bomb. It was like standing in front of a heated oven, and somehow, Sasha was able to withstand a direct blast from behind.


Everything happened so fast and it was unbelievably surreal.


After the explosion had settled, Sasha had become quite wounded, but she took her remaining strength to whisper something to me.


“Pretend to be unconscious.”


I didn’t understand at first, but then I quickly caught on to what she meant. Knowing someone sinister must have thrown that bomb, this was part of Sasha’s plan to maintain an advantage on this new opponent.


I did as she asked and she held my right hand for a few quick seconds. I’m not sure what was happening, but I was starting to feel drowsy to the point that it made pretending to be unconscious far easier than it should be.


I’m not sure if she did the same to herself as well, but Sasha quickly feint unconsciousness as well to give this opponent the illusion that the attack on us had succeeded.


Rachel would then grab our bodies, being none the wiser. From there, it was just a matter of waiting for an opportunity for Rachel to leave herself vulnerable so Sasha can enact the next phase of her plan was. Whatever it was.


Returning back to the present, I heard the sound of footsteps getting closer from behind and then they came from in front of me. I opened my eyes and looked over Sasha’s shoulder to see Chante walking behind Sasha. Her long swords were absent, leading me to assume that she withdrew them back into…her skin?


That didn’t sound comfortable and thinking about it made me feel nauseous.


Despite the tattered state of Chante’s clothes, she seemed pretty fine for someone who just…killed someone. I couldn’t hear much during the time I was fakely unconscious, but from the small instances I barely heard, the fight sounded intense.


Does that mean this is pretty “normal” for Chante? Whether it was being part of G.A.T or being a demi-human, I’m not sure this is the kind of normal I could get used to. Not in the slightest.


“Feeling better now?”, Sasha asked me.


“Yes.”, I replied softly.


“I’m going to let go now, okay?”


I nodded. The glow around Sasha’s hands dimmed and she removed her hands from my face. Again she gave me an innocent smile, but I could only return it with a slightly blushy face after thinking about how her hands were on my face just a second ago.


“I informed HQ about our situation.”, Chante said, making us give her our attention. “They should be here, but it’s going to be a little while.”


Sasha breathed a sigh of relief.


“What do we do now?”, I asked nervously.


Sasha looked to me and then to Chante to signal that she too wanted to know the answer to my question.


“We should probably tie up little Ms.Terf over here.”, Chante looked to Rachel who was immobilized on the ground.


All of a sudden, all three of us started to hear soft laughter.


We looked to the body just a metre away. Rachel clearly awake, but still unable to move her body.


“You naive fools”, Rachel ridiculed us under the effects of Sasha’s virus, “You honestly think you’ve won?”


I could see an expression of annoyance over Chante’s face, followed by Sasha being upset that her virus probably wasn’t as potent as she had hoped.


“Well”, Chante started, “You’re here on the hot ass ground and your partner in crime got turned into a shish kabob. Not to mention the three of us still have a lot of fight in us. Sounds like we have won.”


Three of us? I’m not sure if Chante was paying attention, but she and Sasha did all of the fighting here. I just stood around being helpless.


Although, being able to kick butt as they do would admittingly be hella amazing but at the same time being really anxiety-inducing.


Rachel smirked to show Chante her doubt in her words.


“I’m sure Lady Athena will be pleased with how strong you’ve grown, Chante.”, said Rachel.


Chante’s expression changed to a serious nature. Do Chante and this ‘Lady Athena’ person know each other?


“This is only the beginning of something far bigger than you can possibly comprehend. And Chante…”, Rachel’s voice started to get weaker, “She told me…to tell you that…you’re her greatest disappointment and…she’s going to kill everyone you love.”


“Hail Athena, in all her glory.”


Rachel’s voice faded, but suddenly her body began to glow with a strong, bright red luminosity.


“SH*T!”, Chante suddenly swore, “GET EMILIA AWAY FROM HERE!”.


I’m not sure what happened next. All I remembered was a big, loud burst of light engulfing everything around us.


To Be Continued…

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