T.E.R.F War

T.E.R.F War: Chapter 7 – “Ambush”.

T.E.R.F War

Chapter 7: “Ambush”.


Within those few seconds, time felt like it had slowed to a crawl.


Sasha had grabbed me by my hand and then pulling me toward her, she leapt through the van’s backdoors holding me tightly against her. I quickly shut my eyes. I felt a strong and awful thud as our bodies hit against the hard road asphalt, followed by us dizzyingly rolling against the rough road as our momentum decreased.


The rolling of our bodies had eventually stopped after a couple of seconds and my back was now laid against the warm road. I could feel a presence in front of me, so I opened my eyes to which they met with Sasha’s, just centimetres between our faces. She stood over me, each of her hands next to both sides of my face.


“Emilia, are you okay?!”, Sasha asked with strong concern and an expression of severe worry.


Define ‘okay’, I thought to myself.


I could feel the soreness throughout my body as a result of the jump against the road. I tried moving my limbs as I shifted my eyes to look to them. My arms and legs feel fine, albeit with some slight discomfort, so nothing seems to be in critical condition. No scrapes or bruises either from what I can tell.


I gave Sasha a slow nod.


“Good!”, Sasha exclaimed, the expression in her face beginning to relax. Our faces still close, I could feel the relief in her breath.


Looking directly at her, I couldn’t help but notice Sasha’s facial features up close. She has a very light and soft complexion. Chante and Sasha didn’t mention their age, but Sasha in particular looked the youngest out of all of us. Considering how I look at sixteen, she looks about a year or two younger. It didn’t help that Sasha left a cute child-like impression on me to match how she looked.


Sasha began to stand up on her feet and gave me her hand so she can lift me up from the rough road pavement. I took her hand and she pulled me toward her, although I could still feel the soreness in every corner of my body.


Maybe I shouldn’t have told her I was ‘okay’.


Now on my feet, I let go of her hand. I didn’t really notice it before, but Sasha and I are pretty equal in terms of height. This was apparent as she was still looking directly into my eyes.


“Are you sure you’re okay?”, she questioned, “Your face is looking awfully red.”


I am? I started to feel embarrassed about it, but I tried reassuring Sasha that I was indeed fine. I’m sure she could use her powers to heal out any additional discomfort, but they seem pretty minute to be worth her exhausting any healing energy she has.


“Yes”, I muttered trying to be reassuring, “I’m fine”.


Sasha gave me an ‘Alrighty!’ nod accompanied by a big smile on her face that made me smile in return.


Both of us started to look in the direction of the van, but could only see a dust cloud engulfing the location of the wreckage. None of us could peer through it to see the other side. No sign of Chante either.


The air began to get eerily quiet until a loud boom came from the direction of the dust cloud.


Something came bursting out of it and flew in an instance in our direction. Sasha and I didn’t have much time to react either, but luckily for us, whatever it was landed merely in front of us with a loud thud.


We both realised it wasn’t a something, but a someone.


“Chante!”, Sasha exclaimed.


Chante began to prop herself up from the road pavement, as she was grunting with pain under her breath, blood leaking from the corner of her mouth.


“We have company.”, Chante said with audible disdain, wiping the trickle of blood from the side of her mouth. “TURF found us.”


As Chante ended her sentence, a figure began to form in the dust cloud. A girl emerged from it, hands in the pockets of her dark grey jacket. A look of visible disinterest claimed her face. She was dressed in dark attire that felt like it could haunt your soul.


“Good day, members of GAT.”, she spoke with a heavy voice, “I’m here to reclaim some property you stole from us.”


To Be Continued…

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