T.E.R.F War

T.E.R.F War: Chapter 8 – “Ava of T.U.R.F”.

T.E.R.F War

Chapter 8: “Ava of T.U.R.F”.


Chante stood up from the ground and eyed the threat in front of us. Besides from the trickle of blood she wiped away, she didn’t seem too injured, as she stood with a fierce confidence in front of Sasha and I.


“Chante Orion and Sasha Price of G.A.T.”, the girl smirked wickedly, “You can call me Ava. Ava of T.U.R.F. That is Triumph United Real Females. Completely separate from the slur with the E.”


I was starting to get chills through my body. It’s those people again that Chante and Sasha told me about. The ones that want me and others such as myself dead for…existing.


The atmosphere got heavy. I noticed the expression on Chante and Sasha’s faces looking more serious and tense.


“Lady Athena made it clear to get rid of you if you tried to interfere with the capture of Nathan…”, Ava paused to correct herself before her opponents, “I mean, Emilia Blake. The members of Girls Against Terfs have allied with our enemies…and that is something Lady Athena can’t allow. It’s a shame, really. Your group of misfits have become a disgrace to women everywhere.”


The tension began to increase. But, apparently, I’m supposed to be captured now? Didn’t they want me dead? What’s going on?


“However, I don’t intend to waste more time than I have to here, so I’ll make you both a deal.”, Ava tried to decrease the tension, but dark glow in her eyes made it impossible, “Hand over your new friend there, and I’ll inform Lady Athena that you had escaped my grasp. From the sounds of it, she is more interested in the capture of Emilia Blake.”


The air went silent for a while until eventually a chuckle, and then a burst of humorous laughter erupted from Chante. It caught me by surprise. I didn’t think Chante was much of the laughing type.


“You disgusting piece of terf trash.”, Chante spoke strongly, “You and Athena can both kiss my ass.”


Ava’s expression turned to one of discontent. I couldn’t help but notice a reassuring smile forming in Sasha’s face as she listened to the start of Chante’s monologue.


“You’re fighting for her and you really expect Athena, The Crimson Death, is going to tolerate you coming back to her without news of you killing at least one of us?”, Chante continued. “The fact that you would even think I would even consider agreeing to your deal makes me sick. Whether it’s trans people or their allies, Athena is only satisfied if blood is spilt.”


Chante formed a fist in both of her hands and then lifted her hands into a cross shape.


“With that said, if you want Emilia…”, Chante threw her hands at her side with thrust, and what happened next was just unbelievable: Two black long swords, one from each hand, burst from the top of Chante’s fists.


Do you know that high tempered comic character called ‘Wolervine’ who has claws coming out of his knuckles? Imagine that being Chante right now. Instead of metal claws though, they were thick black swords instead, facing horizontally.


Sasha was right. It really was badass.


“…You can try taking her from my cold, dead hands.”, Chante spouted at Ava with a highly intimidating glare.


The atmosphere greatly intensified.


Ava sighed.


“I’ll be honest with you, Chante of G.A.T.”, Ava took her hands from her jacket and put them through her hair in disappointment. She then looked directly at Chante with a deathly stare, “I’m going to break every conceivable bone in your body until you beg for Athena’s forgiveness for your alliance with trans trash.”


In the blink of an eye, a huge black sphere of aura formed around Ava. It engulfed her whole and sent out shockwaves in every direction. We were all shielding our face from the dust flying in our direction.


The dust started to settle and the black sphere had begun to dissipate. From it emerge something that you could only describe as some sort of dark humanoid monster.


It was huge, maybe three times bigger than Ava. All over its body was muscular as if it could brush off being hit with something ten times its size. It resembled Ava, and it was even decked out in her clothes that conformed to its bulky form. I came to the conclusion that whatever this was, it was Ava, in some kind of “She-Hulk-ish” form.


The atmosphere around all of us greatly intensified. I looked at Sasha, her confident smile now completely gone, replaced with worry. Chante didn’t seem much different, as she refused to buckle at the sign of this new threat.


“For your sake”, the hulk-like Ava spoke with a deep, frightening voice, “You better hope you die quickly”. She cracked her knuckles with a smirk.



To Be Continued…


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