T.E.R.F War

T.E.R.F War: Chapter 11 – “Turning The Tide”.

T.E.R.F War

Chapter 11: “Turning The Tide”.


Rachel barely had any time to process what was happening right in front of her. Her face turned absolutely pale seeing her teammate’s severed upper body fall to the ground, completely separated from the other half of her body.


The grim sight caused her face to change to that of horror. It was as if time was slowing down to capture the moment that Rachel realised the tide of the battle had now taken a huge, unforeseen shift. And with that, the feeling of nausea immediately took over Rachel’s senses.


Both halves of Heather’s body were now starting to revert back to their original human state, confirming that Ava was no longer in the land of the living. Chante lowered her arms to put her blood-soaked blades at her side.


Rachel almost forgot Chante stood behind Heather’s severed body. Looking into Chante’s eyes, all Rachel could find was a dark suffocating essence within her. The goosebumps forming on Rachel’s skin only further exemplified the terrifying sensation she felt from Chante.


You’re next, is what Rachel interpreted those deathly, black eyes were saying to her.


However, Rachel wasn’t going to let this foe get the better of her just yet. She grit her teeth and let out her arm in front of her. Using her demi human ability she conjured a dark red energy ball into her hand, making sure Chante saw.


Rachel then took a few quick steps closer until she was directly above Emilia.


“Stay back, GAT bitch!”, Rachel warned Chante, “Come any closer and blow me and this sack of sh*t to f**king hell!!”


Rachel made sure Chante knew that she was serious about killing herself and Emilia.


But the look on Chante’s face would make you think she didn’t care at all. Her ominous expression didn’t falter. There was no mercy or compassion in Chante’s dark and cold gaze.


Rachel tried not to show it, but there was no denying it anymore: She was truly terrified of this opponent in front of her. This opponent that survived a direct hit from Ava, one of T.UR.F’s most formidable members. Even Charlotte, Athena’s right hand, was confident in Ava’s ability to take down Chante.


Furthermore, Rachel knew G.A.T were the type of group to play by the rules. The so-called good guys that tried to stop her master’s plans at a “better world”. And yet, Chante didn’t even hesitate to take her teammate’s life.


Just who was this person in front of her? The energy ball shaked along with Rachel’s hand as she continued to feel high levels of sinister intent radiating from Chante.


The air rung silently as Rachel tried to anticipate Chante’s next plan of action.


It was at that moment that Rachel’s vision was starting to get hazy. Suddenly a numbness took over her senses and she began to fall into a daze.


The world around her started to slowly tilt side to side. Her body was getting heavy. She was now unable to keep a proper stance.


What is going on?!, Rachel questioned herself, as the world she was looking at started to distort. She could feel her body getting noticeable hot, like a fever. The small, but deadly, energy ball in her hand started to lose its form and dissipate in the wind.


“Looks like my virus is kicking in.”, a girl called from behind Rachel. She then tried to look behind her to see who it was but was greeted with a kick between her legs that caused her to fall terribly on her back with a thud.


Rachel couldn’t move now. Her body was now completely paralysed, slowly shutting down.


The girl from behind her was now standing over her. The sun was doing no favours to block her fading sight, but she could make out a smug look on the girl’s face.


“You poor thing. You must feel awful. A demi-human virus can be especially nasty.”, Sasha talked down to Rachel, making sure she could hear her, “It’s only temporary, unfortunately, but it’ll do until we can land your ass in a jail cell”. Sasha smiled.


But how?! When?! These were the questions going through Rachel’s mind.


“I guess you didn’t notice I wasn’t actually unconscious the entire time from your little fireworks show. Although, I would say your biggest mistake was handling me the way you did, dragging me with your hand like that. Since I use light energy pulses through my own hands, I can either heal…or infect. Really, you should’ve-“, Sasha wanted to continue, but Rachel already blackout from the virus’ effects.


“Oh dear”, Sasha pouted.


Anyone looking at Sasha would think she was incapable of hurting a fly due to her childlike appearance, but at this moment, she decided to embrace a little sadism within her.


“Sweet dreams”, smiled Sasha.


To Be Continued…

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