T.E.R.F War: Chapter 10 – “An Unexpected Guest”.

T.E.R.F War: Chapter 10 – “An Unexpected Guest”.

T.E.R.F War

Chapter 10: “An Unexpected Guest”.


Where Sasha and Emilia stood was engulfed in a fiery explosion. The two girls were now nowhere to be seen, leaving Chante to assume the worst. She looked into the direction of the blast with the look of complete horror on her face.


“Sasha! Emilia!”, Chante called out.


Using the extremely convenient distraction to her advantage, Ava quickly grabbed Chante by her face before she had time to react. The immense pressure of Ava’s hand, in her super-powered form, was enough to break Chante’s nose on contact. Blood trickled from her nostrils.


“You should know better than to take your eyes off your opponent”, Ava criticised her opponent, “Don’t worry. I’m going to send you off to meet them soon enough.”


Ava began to take a fierce stance, all while Chante was struggling to break from her grasp.


It was not only futile, but it was also too late for Chante.


Ava took Chante and she drove her face into the solid pavement of the road, striking her with so much force that it equated to four tons of TNT exploding into Chante’s face.


A loud boom erupted as the ground around them became a party of fissures. The ground shook with incredible force from the horrendous impact.


Below Ava stood Chante, broken and bloody head first into a crater formed from the force of impact. Chante’s body was now at a complete standstill, as there was no movement to indicate that she was still in the realm of the living.


Ava smiled with satisfaction as she laid eyes on Chante’s corpse.


“Damn, that was a bit overkill, don’t you think?”, the voice of a girl called out from the direction of the explosion that took out Sasha and Emilia.


This girl with blonde medium hair, who was decked out in a similar fashion as Ava, held Emilia’s unconscious body over her right shoulder. In her other hand, she was also dragging Sasha’s unconscious body behind her.


Both Sasha and Emilia’s clothes were noticeably burned, however, more severe burn marks and wounds covered Sasha who tried her best to shield Emilia from harm.


“Overkill doesn’t exist for filth that defend trans garbage”, Ava spat to her fellow partner, “She forfeited her right to life as soon as she joined G.A.T’s stupid cause.”


Ava started to walk away from her work of destruction that took Chante’s life.


“Speaking of overkill, Rachel”, Ava began twisting her neck from side to side to demonstrate her fatigue, “What the f**k were you thinking?! Athena gave us strict orders to recover that ‘thing’, that’s over your shoulder, ALIVE! Not in pieces, you dumbass!”


“Don’t get your panties in a bunch, She-Hulk”, Rachel rebutted as she rolled her eyes, “G.A.T was tasked with keeping little Ms. Tranny here safe. They wouldn’t let anything happen to her…I mean, him. And just as I expected, our hero here….”,


Rachel looked behind her to Sasha’s unconscious body, to indicate who she was referring to.


“…. took most of the blast from trying to protect him. Say what you want about G.A.T, but I just love how heroic those imbeciles try to be.”, Rachel said with a chuckle under her breath.


“If you want to disobey an order from Lady Athena, be my guest. I have no interest in ending up in a world of suffering because of you.”


Rachel rolled her eyes again, this time in annoyance.


“Why does Athena even want this tranny anyway? I say we just gut him on the spot and watch him suffer just like we did to the last one”, a cruel smile crept over Rachel’s face. Her hunger for carnage was further represented by her licking her lips with her tongue.


Rachel let go of Sasha, causing Sasha’s body to fall to the ground with a thud. She then roughly threw Emilia’s unconscious body from over her shoulders to the ground in front of her. Emilia had gotten some smoke on her face and outfit from the explosion. She was now placed in front of Rachel as if Rachel was preparing herself to dine on a meal.


“If it was up to me, I would agree, but this apparently is all according to Lady Athena’s goal to achieve the perfect world she has envisioned. I, for one, don’t intend to question how she intends to achieve that. Everything she has done up to this point has drawn us one step closer to that goal.”


“I don’t get it”, Rachel began to rub her head in confusion, “Didn’t Athena sent Dana to kill him though? Why is she now changing her mind?”.


“Apparently when Athena used her ability to syphon intel from their Dad, she found out something that made her had to change her plans. That’s why you and I were tasked with the chore of recovering this Blake kid, alive by all means.”


“So what you’re saying is…”, Rachel started to grin, “We just have to bring the kid back alive? Even if somehow he were to be missing a limb…or two?”.


The thought of such sadism aroused Rachel.


“Perhaps”, Ava began to think of the little loophole in Athena’s order, “Do what you want. I’ve had my share of fun already.”


“Oh, you mean with the Orion girl?”, asked Rachel. Something crossed her mind when Ava mentioned Chante.


Ava nodded in response.


“Did Athena tell you anything about her before we left?”


“No. But from what I understand, Athena has known about Chante even before I became part of T.U.R.F. From what I was told, Lady Athena had-“, Ava spoke, but was interrupted by a loud piercing sound that could only be described as blades stabbing through something incredibly thick yet penetrable.


Ava turned her gaze below her to see two long black blades covered in blood, piercing through her torso. Her sight started to get blurry. Blood filled her mouth and slowly leaked out of her.


How?!, Ava questioned as she felt her life began to leave her. She turned her head to gaze behind her, only to confirm her assumption that Chante was indeed behind her, connecting the two of them by Chante’s black blades that were a part of her fists.


How are you still alive?! I killed you!, Ava begged for an answer in her head.


“You heard that my swords can cut through diamond”, Chante look into Ava’s eyes with a stare that would chill the bones of even the grim reaper himself, “What you didn’t hear is that I can change the density and hardness of my swords to the point that it makes your hardest form look like absolute sh*t in comparison.”


Ava was still trying to grasp what Chante was saying as she hung onto her final strands of life.


“I’ll see you in hell, bitch”, Those were the last words Ava heard as Chante swung her swords within Ava’s torso horizontally in opposite directions, splitting Ava’s body into two separate parts.


To Be Continued…

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