T.E.R.F War

T.E.R.F War: Chapter 5 -“Director April Foster”.

T.E.R.F War 

Chapter 5: “Director April Foster”.


The sound of a fist punching against a sturdy metal desk could be heard echoing throughout the room. It was dark and secluded, illuminated only by the backlight of a widescreen computer monitor.


In front of the computer desk stood a lady of dominant stature, dressed in a custom designed navy blue uniform suited for her line of work. To her side, strapped to the belt around her hips, was a sheathed katana to compliment her serious fashion sense.


She was quite irritated with what was displayed in front of her on the monitor. It was littered with a number of news articles, highlighting the deaths and disappearances of numerous individuals. No matter how you saw it, there was only one thing that linked all of these persons together: They had all transitioned from one gender to another.


The lady bit her lip as she held her head down in powerless frustration. A single tear fell from her face and onto the desk.


“How many more…”, she asked as if talking to someone, “How many more lives do you have to take, Athena, until you’re satisfied?”. If there was someone there listening to her plea, no one bothered to give her a response.


She tried to calm herself down by taking deep breaths. It makes no use to show emotion when there is work to be done.


Suddenly the computer screen lit up, replacing the clutter of articles on the computer screen. The sound of a ringing phone played out of the computer’s speakers.


‘Incoming Call – Avery’, showed up on the screen.


She took a few seconds to wipe the water from her eyes. She could now see the large dent her punch made on top of the desk, but ignored it and proceeded to hit the ENTER key on the keyboard to answer the incoming call. A young gentleman’s face was displayed on the computer screen, dressed similarly to her. He looked no older than twenty-five.


“Director April?”, he asked, awaiting a response.


“Avery”, April responded to him, “Do you have any updates for me?”


“Yes, ma’am”, Avery looked at his computer tablet to review the new information he had attained, “Chante and Sasha captured one of TURF’s members: Dana Henderson, the electric elementalist demi-human.”


Finally, some good news, April thought to herself. This is what she wanted to hear after reading so many morbid articles of persons like herself suffering at TURF’s hands.


“Chante also told us they succeeded in rescuing Emilia Blake. Emilia suffered some injuries as a result of Dana and is currently unconscious, however, Sasha is attending to her injuries.”


“That’s good to hear”, the Director began to smile hopefully. “And what about Dana?”


“She’s currently being taken to the demi-human holding facility in Wales by a couple of our available members. From there the United States Government will take hold of her and transfer her to one of their classified demi-human prisons.” Avery swiped his finger on his tablet to move onto the next list of details, “As for Chante and Sasha, they are heading in the opposite direction to ensure Emilia’s safety.”


“Excellent.”, April complimented, “Chante alone may be more than capable in fighting against TURF’s best members, but we can’t take any chances, especially if Emilia Blake possesses latent demi-human abilities herself”.


“Yes, ma’am”, Avery agreed. He looked at his tablet once more, “With regards to Emilia’s father…”.


“Did you find anything that could tell us why TURF kidnapped Dr. Eric Blake?”


“Sasha found some hard drives, but they were severely damaged, most likely by Dana before her confrontation with Emilia.”


The director clenched her fist.


“However”, Avery gave her hope, “There is something else we found out about Dr. Blake when we were searching for data on him. We already know about Dr. Blake’s government-funded research on demi-human manifestation, but what we didn’t know is that he was working on something called Lumiere“.


The Director looked puzzled, and then inquisitive.


“And we don’t know anything on what that could be?”, April asked.


“No. We have reason to believe it was something unrelated to his government-funded work. Actually, the only way we know about this is because Chante managed to slightly decrypt one of the damaged hard drives. Whatever it is, neither TURF nor Dr. Blake wants this thing to be discovered”.


“Athena seems to knows what it is and wants it for herself.”, a slight chill ran through April’s body as she spoke, “Nothing good ever runs through that psychopath’s head and I can bet my left arm it has something to do with shedding more blood than she has already.”


“The United Kingdom’s government is doing their best to provide us with all the information we need in that regard. Whatever they know, we will know.”


“I don’t trust neither the US or the UK in this!”, April shouted, “The damn bastards are still trying to keep the existence of demi-humans under wraps. God knows what else they’re hiding from everyone”. Disgust could be heard rolling off of April’s phrases.


Avery remained silent as the Director threw her small tantrum, trying to not upset her by anything he could say. April tried composing herself once more.


“Has Liarah returned from her mission?”, she asked Avery.


“No, ma’am”, Avery replied, “Liarah is still out on her reconnaissance mission.”


“Then assign this task to Natasha: I want to know what the hell is Lumiere before we’re looking at a national crisis on our hands”, the director vigorously instructed.


“This is Director April Foster of Girls Against Terfs, logging out.”


“Understood!”, Avery saluted over the video feed before it ended.


“Athena”, April closed her eyes and rest her left hand on the handle of her katana, “What the hell are you planning, you psychotic b*tch.”


To Be Continued…


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