T.E.R.F War

T.E.R.F War Chapter 3

Date: Feburary 8th, 2018.
Location: <UNKNOWN>


The effects of the drugs were beginning to wane off of Emilia’s father. He was starting to regain consciousness, but awoke in complete darkness and the painful throbs in his head made him lightheaded. I’m blindfolded, he thought to himself. He couldn’t speak either, his mouth was taped shut. He couldn’t move as it would appear that he was tied with rope to a seemingly wooden chair with his hands bond firmly behind his back. The obvious conclusion came to him that he was kidnapped. He tried to remember the last thing that happened to him, but all he could remember was being at home waiting for Emilia.


“Looks like someone’s awake”, the voice of a girl came from in front of him. The sound of footsteps started to get closer to him. The person grabbed the blindfold on his face and pulled it off roughly. The transition from darkness to light was enough to hurt anyone’s eyes as the fluorescent lights from above pierced his vision. He quickly closed his eyes and then slowly open them in the direction in front of him.


The girl in front of him, no older than twenty, was wearing a purple and black outfit that was very punk-esque in design. She had black hair that screamed I am a rebel. A quick look around the room would reveal they were in some kind of isolated room, painted completely white. Besides the two of them, the room was pretty much empty. No windows. Only one metal door. It definitely felt like an interrogation chamber. He was wearing casual clothes proving that he had indeed changed out of his lab attire when he got home.


The girl instantly grab his lower jaw with her right hand. “Look nice and hard. There’s only one way out”. She pointed at the metal door in front of them and she started to lean in closer to his face. “I know I may not look like much, but I assure you, I’ve made men wish they were dead”. Her voice felt deathly serious. If this was an intimidation tactic, it was working as his heart began to race.


A loud knocking came from outside the door. The turning lock made a click and the door began to swing open. Another girl, looking a little older than his interrogator came in with what looked like an assault rifle to her chest, dressed and ready as if she was preparing for war. What the hell is going on here?, he thought.


“Commander Charlotte”, she spoke firmly to the girl in front of me, “Lady Athena is here”.


“Understood”, she replied. She looked directly back at him, with disappointment in her eyes. “I guess I’ll play with you later”. She let go of his jaw.


The armed girl pushed the door wider open and someone else walked in. Another girl, that was definitely the same age as Emilia, walked in wearing a sinister black dress. Her hair and lips were crimson and the beauty of her said she was that of royalty.


The armed girl stood on the side and closed the door behind her, leaving this new girl and Charlotte inside the room.


“Lady Athena.”, Charlotte spoke with formality. She went on one kneel and bowed before this girl as if she were divine. A superior, yet creepy, smile formed across the girl’s face as if she was expecting Charlotte to do so when she had walked in.


“You may stand, Charlotte.”, she looked at her with a pleased expression. She began walking closer to their captive and Charlotte stood back up on her two feet and stood behind the girl Athena as if watching a show. “Dr. Blake”, she addressed the man tied to the chair, “It’s a pleasure to meet you. I apologise for the treatment, but I hope we can become nice friends, you and I”.


Something about the way she smiled at him set an ominous pit in his stomach. He felt very uneasy.


“Charlotte, our guest needs to speak”, Athena ordered.


“Of course”, she rushed toward Dr. Blake and removed the tape on his mouth with haste. The pain of suddenly having it tear from his mouth made him let out a suppressed cry of pain.


“Who are you?”, Blake said looking at Athena as he gasped to breathe, “and where the hell am I?!”.


“Disgusting pig! You dare disrespect Lady Athena?! “, Charlotte clenched her fist and grabbed the neck of his shirt as she prepared to punch his face.


“Charlotte.”, Athena called.


The interrogator stopped her action midway immediately. She unhanded the doctor and then bowed her head towards Athena. “Forgive me, my lady”, Charlotte apologised.


“Now, Doctor, I would hate for my commander to harm you before I find out what I need to know, so I ask that you play nice”, she began to monologue as if reading from a script, “As my subordinates have said, I am Lady Athena. You can just call me Athena. I am the leader of TURF: Triumph United Real Females. In case you don’t know who we are, we fight for the rights of real women everywhere by cleansing the world of a certain infection that has infiltrated and aims to destroy the rights of women everywhere. I’m sorry to say that people like your son are part of the infection”.


“What…”, he hesitated, “What are you talking about?! I don’t have a son!”, something was telling him he knew what they meant, but they couldn’t mean her, could they?


“I’m sorry”, she replied, “I meant your transgender daughter. You see Dr. Blake, your child is part of an infection upon this planet and I’m here to cleanse that infection”.


“What did you just say…”, he couldn’t even begin to comprehend what he was hearing. So much emotions were going through him, he didn’t know how to express them all at once.


“Doctor, you and your team have created something that can make TURF’s dream a reality. I want to know about the Lumiere Project”.


The room went silent as Dr. Blake’s eyes went to that of shock.


“But I wouldn’t worry much”, Athena remarked, “I will know what I need to know soon enough”, she smiled sinfully before proceeding to rest her hand on Blake’s forehead. “May you live to see the dawn of a new world”.


In that instant, only the screams of Emilia’s father could be heard through out the entire room.


To Be Continued…

Author: Bethania Arts


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