T.E.R.F War

T.E.R.F War: Chapter 2

T.E.R.F War

Chapter 2


I’m not sure what to be more alarmed by: hearing that name or the fact that’s there’s a girl in my house (dressed in attire suited for some sort of spy convention) that has electricity coursing through her bare hands and not even flinching. Either way, the question I want to ask myself is: How do I wake up from this nightmare?


“Just like something out of a dream, I bet you’re wondering”, she stares directly at me.


At least my house guest seems to understand how frighteningly unreal this is. The bolts of electricity can be clearly heard crackling on her arms. As for me, I was frozen with fright. Every part of me is telling me to get the hell out of here but I can’t get my body to move at all. It’s as if the fear is holding my body down. With my bag still on my back, it feels like it weighs ten times more than what it had originally felt like. Even just breathing feels heavier. I have to get out of here. I NEED TO MOVE.


“Fear is beautiful, isn’t it?”, she walks toward me and the sound of her boots against the wooden floor can even be heard through the crackling of electricity. “Even when faced directly with danger, it stops us dead in our tracks, as if it’s telling us to just meet our eventual demise”. She raises her electric-charged right arm at me, aiming for my head. “I wouldn’t worry too much. Most of my targets die instantly. A mere few seconds of pain. Consider it a mercy killing”.


As her eyes glowed with what seemed like hatred, the palm of her hand glowed as well, only difference is that it was glowing with immense luminosity. In that moment, I jumped instantly to my left. Any closer and I would have hit the living room couch. I heard a big boom on the other side of the house and sound of crackling electricity zipped from where I initially stood. My body hit the floor with a thud as I cushion my fall with my arms. The weigh of my bag only made it more uncomfortable than it should be. If I’m going to get out of this situation alive, I need to increase my mobility.


As I laid on the floor, I rushed to take the bag off my back as I turned in the direction of Ms. Electro. I was going to throw it across the room but I held my bag to my chest as I hesitated.


“Well that won’t do”, the girl remarked with disappointment in her voice. The bolts of electricity on her left arm dissipated and she grabbed my foot to lock me in place, closing the distance between us. Without thinking, I kicked her right in her face. I can tell she didn’t appreciate the shoe print across her face. She let out a painful cry as she held her right hand to her face, static and all.

I was still fearful but I was able to gain my footing and stand up, however when I looked into the girl’s eyes, what was originally hatred in her eyes turned into aggressive rage.


“You’re dead! You’re f**king dead!”, she shouted as her whole body began to illuminate with what looked like thousands of electrical volts coursing through her entire body. Before I could even move, she raised her arm and shot a full charge of electricity right where I held my bag. I could feel it piercing my stomach. The force of it was so strong it sent me off my feet, hitting my back against the living room wall.


My body started to descend against the wall as I looked down and saw my bag was starting to ignite into flames. I threw it in a hurry across the room. It was only then that I noticed the blood stain on my shirt. I was bleeding. Pain started to run through my body. It felt as if someone stabbed me in my stomach five times in a row.

“You could have made this easy”, I could hear the anger in her voice. “But, of course, filth like your kind only make things harder than what they should be”.


My kind? What the hell is she talking?! These were the thoughts going through my mind as I tried to stop the wound from bleeding any further, crying in pain. My vision was starting to blur little by little.


The girl started to light up again until her eyes were literally overflowing with electricity.


Before I could even process anything else, a huge bang came from above us as the roof of my house started to collasped upon Ms. Electro. She didn’t even have time to blink, much less move. A cloud of smoke and debris formed in the living room. I started to cough from accidentally inhaling the smoke. Everything became even harder to see than it already was as I was sure I was on death’s door. However, I was able to barely make out the sight of someone on top of the debris. My vision was getting more blurred but I can definitely tell they were kneeling on top of it. They raised their head and looked directly at me.


“Hello, Emilia”, the sound of a girl spoke, “my name is…oh no”. She stopped what she was saying and rushed toward me. She rested her hand on top of mine, on the wound. The scent and taste of blood was piercing my senses. The blood was leaking through both of our fingers.


“Goddammit”, she said in frustration. I couldn’t even make out her face. “Don’t worry, I promise you will be alright”.


Those were the last words I heard her say as I closed my eyes and fainted.


To Be Continued…

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