T.E.R.F War

T.E.R.F War: Chapter 1

Present Day.

Feburary, 7th 2018.

My name is Emilia Blake. Age sixteen. Year twelve student at Almond’s Secondary School. A socially awkward loner that doesn’t even have one friend to her name. Though I did have one “friend” before. They weren’t exactly…loyal.


Right now I’m walking to my house and it really feels like if the sun is seriously trying to melt me alive. It was not too long ago that I got off the bus after a not-so-good day at school. My bag is a little heavy, but that’s okay since I’m almost there. Even when life is trying to beat me senseless, there’s at least one thing I can look forward to today: Dad’s day off.


Ever since Dad realised how important it was to keep family close to him, he made me a promise he’ll leave work early at least twice a week so we can spend more time together. Wednesdays and Fridays are the days he chose. And like the complete daddy’s girl I am, my face lights up whenever I think about it. Best part is that Dad is usually there before me, so that means no waiting.


It only now occurred to me that for someone my age, I’m pretty attached to my dad. I mean, he’s like my best friend and other girls my age usually have a best friend that’s about just as old as them. But then again, I’m not really a normal girl, am I? I guess I am special in my own way, so I’m an exception…right?


That was a distracting thought. I didn’t even notice I was home already. I don’t live in a fancy house or anything. Actually my house is pretty much an average, single story suburban house. The only thing “fancy” about it is the basement where my dad keeps all of his science stuff that I can’t even begin to decipher what they could be for.


I start to walk up the small brick steps and take out the keys from my pocket. I unlock the door but for some reason as I touched the knob, I got an ominous sensation in the pit of my stomach. That’s weird, I haven’t felt something like that before. Some part of me is really hoping it’s mostly likely nothing and I’m just coming down a with a fever or something. Either way, I walked in and closed the door behind me with extra caution.


“Dad?”, I spoke hoping for a reply. No answer. “Dad, I’m home”. Still nothing. I began to make my way into the living room to see if he just fell asleep on the couch watching Science Channel again. He’s not there. The only thing on the couch is my pink blanket I use to cover up at night.


I pulled out my cellphone from my pocket. I tapped the screen to unlock it and tapped again for the speed dial icon marked ‘Dad’. The phone rings and rings until it eventually goes into voice mail. I tried redialing two more times, however I got the same result. I was beginning to worry now. If Dad couldn’t make it home, he has never failed to contact me one way or another, whether it be by text or through a message from my teacher.


“Daddy’s not coming today”.


That wasn’t my voice. I jumped and turn my back to see a girl looking directly at me with an intense sinister stare. I don’t know how  she got behind me without even making a single sound. Not even a peep. She was caucasian with short, straight hair, but what I really noticed was how she was dressed. It was a black outfit that looked similar to that worn by military personnel.


“Who the hell are you?!”, I shouted.


“Jesus, is that treat how you treat your house guests?”, she replied, “But I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s not like you’re going to live long enough anyway”.


It was at that moment, something truly unreal happened: lightning bolts began flowing through her arms and clothes as if it was dancing to the rhythm of a heart beat.


“What’s the matter, Nathaniel? Haven’t seen someone wield five thousand volts of electricity in their hands before?”. She couldn’t stop herself from letting out a sinful smile.



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